Help Quick! I think I purchased a fake.

  1. Looks like a pretty awesome bag, and it does sound and look like the guy was telling the truth.
  2. Wow. That's one smashing bag!
  3. Gorgeous bag. Like I said before, I think you just got a mislabeled bag. Since it was probably even maybe a prototype/sample for the photoshoot, I'm not surprised that the style number was off. It doesn't make sense that it would be a "fake" if it hadn't even been released yet to the general public.

    I say you should enjoy your lovely new bag at the amazing price you got, and don't let it bother you! You have a very unique bag that's certainly one-of-a-kind!
  4. ^^I agree, and the color is fabulous! So you got a real bag at a great price, and you don't have to worry anymore that it's fake so all is well with the bag world. :smile:
  5. Yes, all is well now!:smile:
    Now I feel a little bad about giving the seller a bad time.
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    Maybe you could just send a nice email to the seller, let them know why you were worried but that you are now super happy and excited and thrilled to have such a special bag! I really think it's "smashing" as well, and would love to take it off your hands if you ever tire of it (not a solicitation...disclaimer). :smile:

    ETA: Whoopsies, I went a bit overboard on all those superlatives up there, but it is a really great bag!
  7. I sent the seller an email. The seller was really nice through this whole process. I know that some people can get defensive or mad and say things they shouldn't but he didn't. He sent me pictures he had taken at Dillard's after the package was already on its way, to show me that the one in the store was identical to the one I was getting.

    I also fished for more information. Wouldn't it be great to see the actual photo ads that were taken with my bag and know that it was my bag?
  8. That would indeed be awesome!
  9. That would be so cool. I'd try to get a print copy of the ad and keep it with the bag as a sentimental token.

    It's almost like having an autographed hat or something....
  10. I'm glad it all worked out for you, whateve! And I'm glad to hear of a nice seller too.
  11. This turned out rather well...enjoy the bag...

    You can try to call Dilliard's PR office to request a photo of the displayed bag..

    You never know...
  12. It is a very nice bag! Glad it looks to have worked out well. :smile:
  13. I saw your purse in the window of Coach yesterday and thought of you.