Help Quick! I think I purchased a fake.

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  2. It would be smart on the seller's part to cancel and not ship. Even if it was authentic and everything, she knows ahead of time that you are not happy and will return it. What a waste of time and money for everyone involved. You would think she would just move on; maybe get it authenticated, if it is.
    Good luck, OP.
  3. It would be smart on the seller's part .. let's see what she does
  4. Yikes! OP I hope this all works out for you! It would be such a pain to know you're gonna return it and the seller ships anyway. Good luck!
  5. The seller insisted that the bag was sent directly from Coach for a photo shoot. It is on its way to me. The seller says he will pay return shipping if I still don't want it.

    It is the weirdest thing because it was listed before the bag showed up in any stores. It was just released Friday and the price I paid was about 1/3 retail. I could almost believe it was authentic except that the style number is incorrect. Now I am curious to see it.
  6. If it really were for a photoshoot, I can see how it was obtained before the general release.

    Your seller sounds like he is really great to work with you, letting you know ahead of time that he will pay for the return shipping.

    I hope the bag turns out to be authentic for you; at least you know you don't have a scamming seller.
  7. Wonder if the seller got a sample that was mislabeled? Would fit with the story about a photoshoot release "edition".
  8. I would like to believe this but I have never heard of Coach using the wrong number in a bag. Sometimes a sample will have the number 99999 or no number at all, but not a number that belongs to another style.

    One of the reasons I bought the bag was because I figured I could use it and then sell it later and either recoup all my money or even make a profit. If it has an invalid number, I think I won't be allowed to sell it.
  9. You may be very pleasantly surprised when you receive the bag and since

    the seller is willing to pay the return shipping is possible that it was

    mislabed.. can you contact Coach & ask the question to be sure...
  10. I'm just curious why you bought it if you knew the serial number was wrong for the bag...
  11. I'm glad seller is at least communcating with you and hopefully you got a great deal in the end possibly if it turns out authentic. Please let us know.
  12. yes, keep us updated

  13. Very interesting! Now I'd like to see what you end up getting. It just may be authentic after all.
  14. I bought it in a hurry without checking the number. The details looked great and the creed looked authentic. This is a brand newly released bag so I didn't even think they would have been counterfeited yet. I am usually very good at spotting fakes.