Help quick --Found Cambon reporter!! Need experts

  1. Just from calling a couple of stores after seeing the black/black combo I found a store with the black/white combo reporter available

    I have never seen this one in person but think I will like it more than the black/black.

    Does anyone have a pic of them carrying it? Its the size that costs $3175? Can you post it?


    I don't own any Chanel so i need justification for this purchase IF it happens

    1- Is this bag classic enough for me to wear for years and years and not go out of style?

    2-Is the style that costs $3175 too big for everyday use. All these size differences are confusing me

    3-I'm 27 years old. The black/black was too stuffy for me. I think the black/white combo is sleek but a little more fun? What do you think?

    4-What kind of outfits do you ladies wear with this bag? I won about a million LVs and am used to matching them with stuff but i feel a bit intimidated by a Chanel.

    5-Do you only wear the reporter when you dress up? Or can it be casually dressed down?

    Last question. Are these bags really worht the money? Do they hold up well over time. Like i said before I'm an LV girl and i know those bags last forever with proper care. Are the Chanel reporters the same??

    Thanks SO much.
  2. Anybody? :oh:
  3. I think the reporter is stylish :smile:


    If I remember correctly the $3000 is the large size?

    Here is a picture of the black/white combo on l.lohan :smile: I think it looks fun on her. especially if you spice it up with bright colors in your wardrobe.


    [​IMG]*pic of black/white combo*

    [​IMG] *it can look good casual*



    [​IMG]*I think the style is good for dressing up and dressing down :smile:*

    [​IMG]here is the style of the $3000 one

    hope this helps a little :smile:

  4. That helps SOOOO much.

    Those pics confirm for me that i really like the black/white combo.

    What is the size of the one that Nicky Hilton is carrying? Is that the 3100 one?

    I like that size?
  5. i have no idea which size n.hiltons is. it looks similar to s.osbournes but i'm not an expert :smile:
  6. The one Nicky Hilton has is the $3175 also. It's the same bag as Sharon Osbourne's - HTH.
  7. Do these bags hold up well over time so that i can use it for years to come?

    Also how long have they been making the reporter bag?
  8. I believe the one you are considering for $3175 is the largest size shown in the pics above. Its quite big.

    Also, I think that the Reporter came out when Chanel first launched the Ligne Cambons in April 2004. I think the Cambons were "trendy" at first, but are headed toward "classic" status, because Chanel keeps bringing them back season after season.

  9. Oh. I see^^^^

    But if Chanel keeps bringing them back each season then how is it that department stores put some on sale?
  10. they said that they are discontinuing the beige and pink :smile:

  11. But I read some members say that the black/white , white/black and other colors went on sale too
  12. oh i just got my info from this post

    i think some people were lucky enough to score a black/white combo :smile:

    "The black wasn't supposed to be on sale - every Saks I called confirmed that fact. So I have to assume this was either a mistake or the store had a couple bags (they have sold out of black/black since) leftover and put them on sale. A PF member knew I was looking for a black Bowler and offered to hook me up with her s/a when she returned it to the store. I spoke to the s/a today and she confirmed that when she receives the bag from Fedex on Monday, she will sell it to me at the 40% plus 30%. I'm really excited - that's a $1375 bag marked down to $577.50! But unfortunately, they are completely sold out of Cambon now.

    "Consider yourself lucky to have gotten a discount off the black with white. From what I understand, those are not supposed to go on sale. It was mostly the pink/black and some places had the beige/black."

  13. Anyone else have any thoughts about the cambon reporter?

    Particularly the black/white combo
  14. Iluvbags ~~ A friend of mine has the $3175 bag that you are considering. It is a little big, but looks adorable on her. She is about 5'8" tall and carries it well. It is definitely youthful looking and fun. I like the black/white combo best. It may be slightly trendy, but has been around for several years, now. I think you will love it! Are you getting it at a discount? If so--lucky girl!

    The more pictures I see of everybody's black/white Cambons makes me want one in that combination, too!
  15. Yay! Black/ white is soooooooo much better than black/black- it's too monotone.