Help Quick!!--foreign currency and paypal

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  1. I am looking at an item on eBay that is located in the UK and I'm in the US.

    How does this work when I pay with paypal? Do I pay an exchange rate? if so how much.

    Sorry for my ignorance but I'm used to buying from US only. :s

    I looked on the paypal site and could not find any info

  2. go to Paypal's site and I am sure there is a place for coversions....I really don't know b/c I have never bought anything outside the US that I needed to pay foreign currency....check the paypal site...if not, someone else on this site can help you!!!
  3. hi! yep - they add a 2.5% fee, included in the conversion rate
  4. How does it work if you have to pay taxes or customs duty?

    I don't understand. How do you pay it? I'm so confused. That's why I have never bought from a seller outside the US. i'm terrified of not knowing what to do
  5. You as a buyer will not have any extra fees and the money will be charged from your account in the currency your account is (USD I assume?). The exchange rate paypal uses is their own and not the same as official rates, but it's not a big difference. You can request the seller to send you an invoice and just click "pay now" in it or go to your own paypal and select a amount and currency (GBP?) and just send the money and your account will be charged in USD.

    The custom duty and taxes can add a lot to the final price. I'm not sure how the US system works, but I assume that there would be at least some extra charges.

  6. thanks
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