Help! Questions about selling chanel bag

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  1. Hey ladies
    I sold a chanel boy bag couple days ago on eBay, the buyer received it this afternoon, and now she opened an eBay case saying that the chain was detached from bag, she said she will ship me back the bag, and ask me to issue her a full refund. She said I can claim my loss from FedEx, since it's FedEx problem.
    But since she didn't ask additional insurance, so I don't think fedex will reimburse me.
    In addition, I don't think boy bag's chain is so easy to break, it's not some kind fragile glasses. Even FedEx deliver with uncare, I don't think the chain will be detached. I'm so confused now. I know eBay will in favor of buyer, i don't know if it's fraud or not, I don't know if the buyer will ship back the same bag or not neither.
    So would anybody help me what should I do now?
  2. You should post this question on the ebay board where the wonderful people there are very equipped with ebay answers!
  3. ^Oops, please don't, we don't allow topics to be posted twice. I'll move this to eBay :tup:
    Instead of starting a new one, best to just report this asking for it to be moved :idea:
  4. I would be very concerned that she is sending back something different than what you sent to her. There is no way that a chain on a Chanel bag would detach in shipment, even if you sent it with no packing materials.
  5. I would ask her to send photos of the detached chain. You may be able to tell from that if there is something funny going on. If you believe it may be fraud, let ebay know right away. If it is inconclusive they will probably let her return it and if it turns out not to be the same bag, you can report it to ebay and let them handle it. Good luck.

  6. Agree.. ask for close up pics especially around where the chain is connected

    How was this packaged/wrapped? Was it shipped in a Chanel box? Was it stuffed with tissue paper
    or bubble wrap?

    This bag would have needed to really be knocked around for the strap to
    become detached.
  7. I would be concerned, too, that the buyer will be shipping something different back. It's almost impossible for the chain to become detached even if the bag has been knocked around by FedEx. If she isn't planning on a switcheroo, then I am thinking that she has a serious case of buyer's remorse.

    On a side note, the buyer does not need to request additional insurance. The insurance is to cover the seller's loss so it is to protect the seller and needs to be bought by the seller should she deem it necessary.
  8. For that sort of damage to have occurred, whatever you shipped it in must have been totally destroyed.
    Did you ship it in a box or an envelope?
  9. I'd also ask for pics of the "box" it was shipped in to see the outside damage Your buyer
    may not have kept the box , but I'd ask regardless
  10. 1. She could be making it up to force a return. OR
    2. She used it right away and broke it. OR
    3. She has a similar but broken bag (fake or real) that she plans to return. OR
    4. It did in fact break in the mail. OR
    5. She wants to scare you into a partial refund.

    Please INSIST on pictures.
  11. thank you lovely ladies for your kindly help
    I packed it pretty well in a box, and put it in original chanel box, wrapped with original paper and protection bubble, I wrapped the chain as well to prevent scratch to bag.
    No matter how uncare delivery guy is, I still don't think the chain will come off, it's just so suspicious
    And the following is the pic she uploaded on eBay

    I don't know what should I do. What if she returned a fake bag, can I dispute with eBay, do you think eBay will in favor of seller eventually? I don't even know if they will take care of the case. Because every time buyer open the case, no matter how ridiculous their question is, eBay will in favor of buyer.

  12. In my humble opinion, I am a little nervous about the pic she sent you? Maybe the angle of pic but that stitching looks way off in places. I would definitely report it to ebay right away. Have her photograph the entire front of the bag. Please let us know what happens. There is no way the chain came off especially how you carefully packed it. How many feedback does she have and check her feedback left for others.
  13. Are you sure that's the same bag you sent?

    If it's the listing I think it is, the listing shows the price tag as being attached on the same side where the chain is broken. But in the pictures she sent you, the first picture shows the tag either attached or not but the second picture doesn't show the tag at all.
  14. lindsay811, I took a look at some of the ended listings for similar red Chanel boy bags and noticed that on the authentic bags, the end of the leather shoulder strap looks more squared off (rather than oval-shaped as seen in the picture that your buyer uploaded to eBay). I'm not sure whether it's just an angle issue, or if each batch of boy bags have different finishes, but perhaps you could make a comparison with any photos you have of your bag?