help, question regarding choices

  1. Well i started a thread on sunday about ordering a pochette and it come on tuesday however i disliked it very much and im sending it back within the 7 days for a refund. However i LOVE the new bandeaus that have come out and was wondering if they will do part exchange part refund do you know?
    I dont want to call cust services as last time i did i got through to the police which wasnt very good and im worried the same will happen again.
    By the way im in the UK!

    Thanks in advance! hanxxx
  2. please, does nobody know?

    hmm wondering what a brand new mono pochette would go for on eBay? never used before? do you girls think i could get my money back that way? :S hmm
  3. I would NOT sell the Pochette on eBay. You will not get what you paid for. I'm thinking like $50-$75 less than what you paid for.

    If you go to the boutique directly, you can do an exchange and they will give you the money back from what is left over.
  4. Yes, return it to the boutique! May I ask why you didn't like it?
  5. its just far to small for me, i could fill a speedy 40 with the crap i carry everyday!
    thanks for the replys, its appreciated! i cant return to the boutique because i bought it from UK site and you cant return to boutiqes in selfridges/harrods so that would leave the nearest store in london which is a 5 hour trip which means NO WAY am i going all the way down to london to exchange a bag! NO!
    im just going to send the bag back by special next day delivery and hopefully ill get it back on time for my refund, after hating this bag so much its really put me off buying vuitton bags for a while, i dont know why but im sort of glad ive got to learn to drive, buy a car, pay my living, pay for a holiday, get spends for a holiday, buy all stuff for uni all by sept so i could do with the cash instead!
  6. Return at boutique! They will give you your money back on whatever you have left over!
  7. I'm taking you paid with a CC... perhaps they could exchange the Pochette for the bandeau you want and credit the remaining amount to your card if you're planning to ship it back via post?
  8. John thats what i want but on the return slip it give the option of return or exchange and i cant really tick both can i haha! i think ill just return it then order the bandeau online
    i didnt pay with CC i paid with debit card, this shouldnt make a difference should it? :S