Help - question re multipocket

  1. I was looking at eBay for the large multipocket - ladies how comfortable does it sit on the shoulder, how easy to get to all those pockets with the push locks, do you recommend not locking some of those for easy access - say for car keys and cell phone? Would appreciate any input. Thanks.:idea:
  2. I have 2 large multipockets--black and amethyst. Both are fairly comfy on the shoulder, depending on how much stuff you put inside. I sometimes carry mine as a forearm bag if there's a lot inside. I love the four exterior pockets because I can stay so organized. If the weight gets to be too much, I say switch shoulders and continue looking good carrying such a neat bag!
  3. I love my large Multipocket! It sits better on my shoulder than any bag I have ever owned. As for the exterior pockets, they are a breeze to access. I have never felt the need to keep them undone. HTH!
  4. OOHH - thank you both - I think I am in for one, such a classic design don't you agree?... and as you said functional too.:smile:
  5. You can't go wrong with a multipocket bag! If you need an extra reason to purchase one, then justify it by saying that using one of the exterior pockets for car keys is a safety precaution for when you are out after dark. Works for me!
  6. Good reason:yes: . I just love bigger bags, but I always used to dig inside my bags for keys, cell phones and stuff - since I got my paddy I got accustomed to using the 2 outside compartments/pockets that are incorporated in the design for such items. Now all my future bag requirements should all have pockets on the outside, The multi should then be great for a Qday (every day) bag. Definitely a yes then.
  7. i love the MP and do sometimes leave the locks open!
  8. I love my large MP, but I think it's SUPER heavy and not that comfortable to carry. :ninja: But that doesn't stop me from enjoying it. And I don't carry that much,'s just a heavy bag.
  9. I love my large multipocket. It's very versatile bag and it's good for everyday bag. I put my Treo and my iPod on the front pockets but can't close them :sad:. Not really a big deal though. It's comfortable too on the shoulder. However, as much as this bag is very handy, we all know that MJ bags are heavy, so try not to over load it ;)
  10. I had a quilted MP which I carried twice (sat in my lap mostly though). In the store before I purchased it, I thought it had a bit of weight to it, however when I actually carried it, it wasn't bad at all. I didn't have problems carrying it on my shoulder b/c it rested on my clothing not on my bare skin.
  11. I'm thinking of buying a MP and I was wondering how much difference is there between the small and large MP? I don't really need something HUGE. I just need one that would fit the following:

    1. Flat makeup bag
    2. Cellphone
    3. Keys
    4. Sunglasses
    5. Wallet
    6. Coinpurse
    7. Tissues

    Also, did the MP come in Almond?
  12. I wouldn't say the lrg MP is huge, but the small can definitely fit all of the above mentioned.

    The large MP gets really heavy if you're using it all day, but the compliments make me forget about it. :biggrin: And the push lock pockets are very easily accessible. No need to leave them open, you can get inside using one hand.
  13. I have a small MP and inside right now I have:
    - A large wallet with checkbook inside
    - Small make-up case
    - Cell
    - Small notepad
    - Coin Purse
    - Misc. Crap

    and it all fits perfectly! MP is definitely my favorite everyday bag and the outer pockets are super functional, not to mention cute!

    Go for it!
  14. ^^P.S. It's very comfortable to wear for a day of shopping, etc.
  15. Okay, I think I'm falling for the MP. :tender: