Help - question re: large monogram backpack

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  1. Hello ladies. Does the large monogram backpack have canvas shoulder straps or are they leather? Can't find a full picture anywhere.
  2. Hello! The large monogram montsouris backpack has canvas shoulder straps.

    The smaller medium-sized montsouris backpack has leather shoulder straps.
  3. thanks!
  4. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Your question was already answered, but here are some pics anyway. They are so cute! I want one.
  5. Here is a pic of a large one (w/canvas straps):
  6. thanks guys. now I can't decide between the small and the large!
  7. I have the large one (in the pic above) and used it SO MANY times as a diaper bag when my son was little and even though it is the largest of the backpacks, it's not THAT big. What are you going to use it for?
  8. will it fit books? or woudl i be better off w/ a messenger?
  9. You may want to check out the LV official website for the dimensions of the bag. The small is something like 10x12. The large is something like 12X15, but don't quote me. By the way, when I saw one at the store, the leather drawstring seemed kind of wimpy to me. Has anyone had personal experience with it? I was wondering how durable it was.?
  10. I ended up getting the small one. I'll just be using it for the essentials.
  11. bagsnshoofetish I have the small one too and I love it. It holds quite a bit for such a small piece and has that cute little handle so you can carry it like a purse. Plus it's disco'd V