Help!! Question r: LV interior tag...need your expert input!!

Nov 7, 2007
Hi~ I was looking at a bag in a high-end consignment store today, and the itnerior tag said, "LV Paris...Made in France". I checked over the bag thoroughly & it looks authentic (date code, etc.) but now a girlfriend of mine says that they should all say LV Paris...Made in USA??? I have never heard this...I do owncouple LV's but haven't been home yet to investigate. Decided you all are my best bet for accuarate info anyway, as I am a B-Bag & Chanel girl for the most part. Can anyone help me?? Just an FYI...the bag was a Mini Lin diaper bag in Ebene w/ Eluxury paperwork(receipt). Help!!


Oct 5, 2007
I have a handbag that I purchased in LV Sydney store which I've just checked and it says LV France - Made in Spain!
I'm going to ring them and ask them about that.


over the moon
Aug 8, 2007
i'm in no way an expert on LV but your friend is wrong about the tag. In September I bought my Rosewood at an LV boutique and the interior says "Made in France". Some bags are made in France, others in Spain, and others in USA.

What is the date code on the bag? I know that the location it is made corresponds to certain letters on the date codes. If you do a search here on date codes you can probably find this information.