HELP - Question on Noe drawstring bag

  1. Hi I am new to LV,:love: and have a stupid question for the drawstring bag...:flowers:

    Is it possible to wear it like a sling bag and wear it across your body? :confused1:

    THANK YOU!! :rolleyes:
  2. i have the petit noe and it is not for wearing across the body. you could probably fit it over your body but it would look funny. don't know about the noe though. hope this helps.
  3. I just bought a Noe, and no, it will not go across body, it is a shoulder bag.
  4. Yes but you need a long strap.
    I think there is a thread on this already.
  5. You can get a longer strap to wear it across, but if you have a small torso you could definately fit it on with the original strap.
  6. I have the tassili yellow petit noe and it is definitely a shoulder tote.
  7. Thank you guys, you are so helpful!! I guess I will get the bag and ask for the longer strap.. :rolleyes:
  8. i've got the petit noe in epi with the original strap, and yes i can fit it across my body, but only just, and i've got a short torso and am 5ft tall sz 8.
    and i need to bend my head to my shoulder to get it off and on.. and it sits above my hip which looks a little odd.

    do fill us in on whether longer straps are available for epis?