Help Question on Cleaning and Moisturizing Leather

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  1. Hi! I recently bought a new used black Mandy on ebay and I was wondering if anyone knows if I can use my Coach leather cleaner and moisturizer on it?? I cannot find anywhere on the Coach site as to what kind of leather it is. The leather is a little dull and I want to clean it up. Suggestions?? Help!

    Also, I recently purcahsed a Miranda at my outlet and I was wonder if I can use a leather protectant on it or if it is already pre-protected? Does the Coach leather cleaning and mosturizing products protect the leather or do I have to buy something else?

    My husband and I have Wilson's leather cleaner/protectant, can we use that? I just dont want to ruin my bags! I know it depends on what kind of leather these bags are made of? I know my Miranda is vintage leather, but I dont know what that means. Does anyone know what kind of leather the Mandy is made of??

    Thanks so much! :shame:
  2. Your Mandy and Miranda are both made of vintage leather. Coach says not to use their cleaner or moisturizer on it. Instead, Coach says to use a damp cloth. However, several women here on the forum have used Coach's moisturizer or Apple Leather Care on their vintage leather with very good results.

    Here are some threads on this topic:

    Also, if you are interested in purchasing Apple leather products, you can get them at 20% off until April 15, 2008:

    As for the Wilson's cleaner, I'd probably not use ANY cleaner on the vintage leather.

  3. Thanks mokoni for that Apple 20% off link! I am glad I didn't go ordering more when they weren't on sale. Now I'm all stocked up.
    An SA told me yesterday that if you use a nylon pantyhose stocking it buffs out the scratches on vintage legacy leather.
  4. WoW Mokoni Thanks for the Apple tip, I need more! I use the conditioner faithfully! It costs less than Coach, with no problems. I've sprayed metallic and suede (actually made the suede look better!) items with the rain guarde, I sprayed camel leather and it looks the same!

    I'm going to get the leather cleaner and see how it works on removing jean transfer on white legacy leather.
  5. I just got a chili carly (!!!!!!!!!) - can I use apple on it? I know it's a different leather, but that link on the coach site doesn't really mention that type of leather..

    Thanks :smile:
  6. Sorry to say that's a bad idea. Don't use leather cleaner on legacy leather. I've heard it can remove the white dye. :wtf:Just get the Apple care moisturizer and try to buff out the jean transfer with it. :yes:
  7. Thanks Ladies! I just ordered some apple conditioner and moisturizer. My hubby is going to use the Coach moisturizer on my Mandy to see if it buffs it up a bit. I will let you know what happens.