Help!!! Question on Bayswater NVT Leather

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  1. I just got my very first mulberry bayswater (heritage) but I dont know if I made the right decision. I was choosing between these two and the leather seems to be very different eventhough they are both NVT. Is this common? Or is one faulty? Im just curious, which is better. The bag just arrived and I haven’t used it yet. Just want to know if I made the right decision. Which leather you think would age well.
    32BAD204-3377-424A-95CD-BA48C79FBE3B.png 9498FC77-1B1E-44AF-8982-52774411FE5C.png FFA5DE7B-1BFA-460C-BE40-1A268872E0D0.png
  2. Are those pictures of the same exact bag you have, or are they sample ones from the store? The leather on the oak seems kind of wrinkly there...?
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  3. Yeah!! They are in the stores. I got the oak one. But they are offering a replacement. Is this normal or not?
  4. Don't know, since I Don't own the NVT leather. Maybe others can chime in...
  5. NVT is a natural leather intended to show the natural grain of the hide, and is not embossed with a printed texture - it’s as it comes from the cow. Individual hides vary - some are more grainy, some are very smooth and a whole range are inbetween. Everyone has their preference. I think it helps to look at several bags in stock and pick the one you like best. It’s not a fault, nor will it affect wear imo.
  6. If you are to pick between these 2 bags, which would you choose. The most bags I’ve seen are similar to the black one.
  7. I think very smooth leather can look bland, I like the grainy one and prefer oak over black. I’d decide which colour I wanted first, and then choose a bag with leather I liked. But it doesn’t matter what I think, it’s something you need to choose foryourself and be happy with. If neither of these 2 bags is really doing it for you keep looking!
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  8. I actually chose the oak already but is having second thoughts. Because when I receive the bag, one side has pebbled leather and the other has smooth leather. Is that normal? And there’s a tiny bit of dark spots in the handle from the glazing I think. I don’t know if it’s a good buy or not but I love the leather. They are willing to give me a replacement but the leather is the same with that of the black already. So I find the grainy print in this oak very unique.
    A805483A-E5FF-4F87-85A6-8262E4C0883A.jpeg C0715CB0-A432-43CB-8E8D-E5FF4313CEBB.jpeg 222BC6F4-8696-4F2F-9520-F89C4589AE16.jpeg BEC6F27E-7349-4E0A-B6B9-550586E63819.jpeg
  9. Listen I don’t want to persuade you to buy this bag or unpersuade you either! The leather is normal for Mulberry NVT and that’s a very small speck of stray inking, that’s all I can say, and the rest is over to you. I’m bowing out now, except to say I hope you find the bag you love :smile:
  10. I have the Black NVT and I love her. If you are not buying preloved you need to go to the shop and hand-pick the one that you want so that you are truly satisfied with an expensive purchase from the outset. That way you are not returning and hoping for a better replacement to be sent to you. If you don't like what you see then keep your money in your pocket and visit the store another day when they have more stock. Just keep in mind it is not man-made material it is leather, skin. Your skin is going to be different from your mothers and fathers even though you are 50% of each of them. As someone said above the choice must be yours so that you will be completely happy with your purchase. I hope that helps x
  11. The oak in the picture is beautiful, and IMO, very desirable. I think when it's smooth it looks bland and boring. The more wrinkles and texture the better in NVT leather.
  12. Thank you for your advice. I also wouldnt buy a bag without inspecting it first in the store. However, there is no Mulberry near our location. Im from Calgary and the only Mulberry store in Canada is located in Toronto.
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  13. I agree with previous comments and think the Oak bag is beautiful, highly desirable and has far more character. It looks far more classical and how NVT should look.........natural leather. The black looks bland and boring, barely like leather, too plasticky for my liking but just my opinion on how I like real leather to look and feel.
  14. I know I’m late to the party, but I’m also voting for Oak NVT. I love the quality of the leather and watching it age under my attention and care. The patina on Mulberry’s NVT bags are gorgeous. If that’s not something you’re interested in, then go with the black option. It’ll be more low maintenance.

    Regarding the stray ink/glazing, while that would bother me with almost any other luxury bag, for some reason I find it endearing when it comes to the Heritage Bayswater. I think of it as a special and unique characteristic of that English-made bag. Don’t mind me, I’m clearly mad.
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  15. I had a feeling that might have been the issue. It a poor shame Hun x