help question before I return Elisa - not sure now

  1. :sad: I looked at my bag in better light last nite and discovered the leather grain on the 2 back pockets is pretty noticable.... does that bother you at all? different leather grains on a bag?

    it bothers me,but i know there are very few of these bags left and am wondering if i should just buck it up and let it be... oh and i noticed in the handle there are some small like leather usage stress cracks - very small, but they are there...

    should I keep her and just let it go? i am so confused.... i was so happy, DH offered to buy it for me now too... :cursing::sad:
  2. I always have problems making up my mind when it comes to things like that too. I hate returning a bag, especially if I know I might not be able to get one like it. I like when my bags are perfect though, and the slightest thing can annoy me. So if you feel you'll be thinking about the imperfections everytime you look at the bag, then you should return it. But if you look at the bag and say "Wow, I love it" then you should consider keeping it.
  3. Is it possible for you to post a couple of pics to show us what you're talking about? Will you just exchange it for anohter Elisa?

    If it really bothers you, you should return it. It's a lot of money for a bag so it should be how you want it to be..
  4. ok, i am just going to have them order me a new one today - evidently there was a few left in JAX, I just wont have her until Monday - oh well - at least I will love her !

    Now, since DH bought me this, should I go for another bag?:wlae::yahoo:

    kidding...kind of; a large brown leather carly seems very nice right about now
  5. If you can hold onto your first bag to compare it to the next one, that would be my choice. I'd hate for the next one to be less than preferrable and the frist one will be sold.

    I know you want it to be perfect, but leather is natural and it has so much variation, it's hard to have all of the skins used on one bag appear all the same. So if your back pocket is more textured than the back of the bag, that creates a bit of contrast and interest, IMO.

    I own and love my Parchment Leather Carly with dark brown trim, but don't get me wrong, an all Chocolate Carly is plain by comparison to the Elisa. Think about it carefully. Besides don't you want to have a bag that you won't see coming going everywhere you go?

    I hope you'll be happy with your final choice!