Help! Question about the traditional sarah wallet

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  1. Does the 4 credit card slots in the front eventually curl over time?

    I recently was able to purchase a monogram sarah wallet a few days ago by calling customer service. But I noticed how the credit card slots are very slightly curled.

    I purchased the mc noir in sarah online 2 months ago and returned it bc the c.c slots were really curled.

    I really want the traditional sarah wallet in monogram and I don't think I will be able to get my hands on another one. Idk if I should just keep it or exchange it for something else.

    Am I worrying too much?

    Please help me decide...
  2. I have read that it is true with canvas sarah wallet. The vernis line doesn't have that problem though.
  3. I've had a Damier Sarah and never had that problem, but I hardly used the wallet so that may not be too helpful.

    I do use my Vernis (Ikat) Sarah wallets which are both in the same "older style" and I use the a lot (every day). No problem with curling with those. :smile:
  4. Thank you :smile:
  5. I sold a multicolore Sarah recently. I had used it maybe four times. The card slots in the front were slightly curled. I have a Monogram Groom that I used more often; those slots are slightly curled also. It never affected anything and frankly I never noticed it until I kept seeing it mentioned on this forum. It didn't affect security of cards or ability to close the wallet.

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  6. And here is my Groom:

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  7. I have 4 Sarah wallets and none of them curl. I order the mc Sarah & the four slots in the front curled. It looked horrible and I sent it back.
  8. Here's mine. I bought her in 2008.
  9. Mine are curled. I don't mind.
  10. My emilie has 4 slots in the front like the Sarah and they are very curled. It's the monogram with red. My next LV wallet will not be canvas... But I still lovey emilie!
  11. The card slots on my original Sarah mono were flat when I bought it more than a year ago and after every day use they're still pretty flat...maybe a slight curl but it doesn't bother me and actually makes it easier to get the cards out.
  12. Thanks everyone for your comments and pix. I decided to keep the sarah wallet :P
  13. My canvas Alexandra wallet has sides that curl up like the pictures shown here too. Not a problem for me canvas does that especially after using it.
  14. I have Emilie in red and also my slots are curled!
  15. I just got this wallet a couple weeks ago pre loved from 2009 and the slots are still stiff hope this helps

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