Help! Question about the speedy 30...

  1. Call me paranoid but better safe then sorry. I just received my speedy in the mail from Eluxury. I know that their stuff should be real and all but then my friend was telling me how her sister had a fake LV from Korea and recently she had gone into the LV store in Vegas and the lady working noticed a rip. The lady then asked her for her bag to see if it could be fixed...i guess my friends sister started to panic but let her take it cause she didnt' want a scene...the sales lady then BROUGHT BACK A BRAND NEW ONE AND GAVE IT TO HER CAUSE IT COULDN'T BE FIXED!!!

    Because she told me that i got a little worried. I know to look for the date code inside...but really what else is there for me to look at to make sure? I heard something about a heat code? whats that and where would i find it??
  2. If you bought it from then you have nothing to worry about. They are the only online licensed place to sell LV on the Web. They are owned by the Louis Vuitton parent company, LVMH.

    So, no worries! It's real!
  3. You are probably referring to the date code. Try searching behind the patch pocket on one of the leather tabs. ;)
  4. You should be fine; E-Luxury is reputable. Beautiful bag - enjoy it. My speedy is my favorite out of all my bags!
  5. I find this VERY hard to believe. LV doesn't just GIVE OUT speedies for a rip with no record of that person purchasing it.
  6. Oh yes and if you did purchase your bag from elux it is 100% authentic.
  7. If you bought it from eLuxury - I wouldn't worry. The website is owned by LVMH and carries many authentic designers.
  8. I bought my speedy 30 from elux also and at first I was worried so I took it to a LV store and they reassured me of the authenticity of the bag...don't worry your safe.
  9. I would not worry. If you look at the info on Elux's page they say they are affiliated with LV as they are the only online retailer approved for selling the bags.
  10. even if you don't find a date code- you shouldn't worry--- my Ursula which came to me about a week ago has *NO* datecode whatsoever--- 866 and 877 told me it is probably *in between* the lining of the bag and the canvas of the bag-- which means it's on the inside of the lining............................NEVER TO BE FOUND...
  11. I know it sounds crazy but i dont think my friend really has a reason.. if anything her sister wouldn't have wanted to tell people it was fake. You should read the thread on how there was a test done on the SA's where they brought in a certain number of real n fake bags...the SA's missed two fakes. Its crazy but the fakes in China are almost IDENTICAL. My friend has one where EVERYTHING is the same cept if you look at the bottom..the stiching on one side is slightly off.
  12. Thanks for the help! Also i was curious if you guys could help me with the next two questions i have... first.. i didn't get an authenticity card like the one i got for my keepall a while back..and i noticed in my keepall there is a leather LV label...there isn't one in the inside of my speedy 30..theres actually nothing written anywhere in the that normal???
  13. I'd question the truth behind this story. I cant just see a s/a asking to see the bag nad returning with a fresh new bag without asking questions regarding the purchase. perhaps even looking that information up on the computer system..I'm sure there is more to the story then you know (as in your friend was told her bag was fake and felt :wtf:and bought the real deal.)

    Sorry this cant be true!

  14. Seems to me like someone promoting fakes :shrugs:

  15. By no means am i trying to promote fakes. I'm trying to learn more because i keep hearing stories and it freaks me out. No one wants to be paying for what they believe is an authentic bag and having it turn out not to be. I'm only trying to explain why I am so worried..which i feel that I have the right to be. Perhaps there is more to the story but I am only re-telling what was told to me. I'm only hoping that someone on here can help me with making sure that my bag is in deed real and not some fake that someone could have returned.