Help!!! Question about the neverfull!

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  1. Ok, so I've saved the money, did over a month of research, and spent hours a day on this forum drooling over everyone's bags. The time has come, and I finally decided to go with the Neverfull GM as my first (but DEFIANTLY not) the last LV. The last question I have is: the side drawstrings... do they stay cinched? I love the look of the cinched in drawstrings but it doesn't look like there's anything to keep them from falling down...
  2. anyone?
  3. I don't own one so I don't know. It looks like the perfect 1st LV bag. Show us pics when you get it! :smile:
  4. I actually dont like it when it stay cinched :tdown:
  5. I have the MM and the sides don't stay cinched on their own. I bought gold string and tie a cute little bow on the metal rings to keep it cinched.
  6. I have a damier neverfull and I don't ever wear it cinced. I like it full size
  7. There's a leather slider on the strings to help it stay cinched, but I've read in other posts that it doesn't always stay up. I have only carried my NF a few times and though I thought I liked it cinched at first, now I like it just as much open!



  8. ^^ I love your St-Tropez NF, so pink and gorgeous!, I have found that if I stuff it too much it wont stay cinched but if I'm traveling light, it stays cinched! It's still an amazing bag!
  9. I have the Neverfull MM and have only carried it a couple of times, but I've had no problem with the bag staying cinched so any rate, I think I will prefer it full size, so I'll probably start wearing it open.
  10. They don't stay cinched ~ I use Juicy couture charms to keep them cinched.
  11. I have the MM and it stays cinched.
  12. I have the GM and mine stays cinched as well. I don't load it up so it's nice and comfortable! The perfect everyday bag!
  13. I have the MM but I have only worn it once so far. I love the look of it cinched up ..I put the little tabs way up and so far it stays cinched but I can see that if you don't have them all the way up they won't stay cinched and will most likely fall way down ! I hope I don't have to resort to other methods to keep it cinched ,although I like sweet purple's idea of a little charm or something..
  14. I had the mm and it didn't stay cinched on it's own...I like the way it looks cinched can use a charm or a little key ring to hold it together!!