Help!! Question About Online Presale!!

  1. Alright so my mom got really mad at me because she had to fall in line and then ended up paying $33 (insured it) to ship back my Gucci bag that I purchased online that I hadn't seen IRL. SO I just ordered a bag from the presale... are you able to CANCEL it?? Because you are just on the waiting list...

    I ordered the New Britt Large tote but my mom said I MUST MAKE SURE I like the bag I get because she won't return it.. lol.

    So with that being said, Which bag do you guys like better?

    The NEW BRITT large tote?
    The Abbey Large Tote (with white trim, canvas.... no pockets!)....?
  2. You should be able to call now and cancel it as it says they don't start processing the orders until Monday when the sale starts.
  3. i'll try telling her to. she isn't home right now.


    (BOTH JUST pics from eBay)
  4. I love the abbey large tote! My SA said they are sold out...otherwise I would've bought it :sad:
  5. Both are fake too :upsidedown:
  6. I say britt......
  7. i like the ABBEY in cream trim!!!
  8. Ok, on the spur of the moment, i want the LARGE ABBEY TOTE after looking at this.. and im really really sad now because my boutique is SOLD OUT! i knew this would happen... i went up there on the first pre-sale day and thought i don't want anything now.. but GOSH, the price can't be BEAT. arrrggghhh - im on a hunt now.. lolz
  9. Abbey tote with cream trim hands down. :biggrin:

    (can't stand the straps and the base of the Britt personally)
  10. ^^^^.....actuallu Kav you are right. Britt strapes are SOOOO slim. For a bigger bag you would want more support. I have changes my mind. ABBEY.
  11. wowie the abbey seems to be quite popular.

    i know the straps of the britt are really thin but
    i don't really like that hardware in the middle of the abbey.. it kinda bothers me and the abbey is the same shape as this metallic gold coach bag i have it reminds me too much of it (other than the fact that its
  12. how do you do the presale online
  13. I'd pick the Abbey!
  14. Abbey! I don't like the thin straps on the Britt. I ordered the Abbey through the presale link 2 days ago, so I'm hoping I get it! First Gucci! Maybe I should go to the store just in case! LOL. YaY!
  15. Keane Fan... it's all your fault for posting that pic up there... haha I went to gucci today and paid for my Large Abbey tote, that my SA located for me. Yaaaaay, i just can't believe the price. My total was $440 and that included tax & shipping. It will be sent out on Monday from aspen :p

    I hope everyone receives their pre-sale purchases, can't wait for monday to hear everyone's responses.