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  1. I just received the craie paddy box/bowler that I purchased off of ebay. I am not happy because the leather is frayed around the little knob hardware. It makes the bag look old and there's nothing I can do to fix it without ruining the bag. The auction says the sale is final but I am very unhappy. Do you think I should ask if I could return it. This never happens to me as I am normally happy with all my purchases......Please advise. :sad: :sad: Thank you.
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  2. How frayed is it? I just looked at mine, and I have a slight fraying going on too. I think that's normal. Can you just clip off the frayed strings?
  3.'s not possible. I payed $1395 for this bag and the seller said it's in new condition. it's not on one of the's on alot of them. see pics above.
  4. I'm sorry - I don't see the photos.
  5. Okay - I see what you mean. Did you try contacting the seller? If you have no luck, maybe you can have it repaired through Chloe. I see you're in the city.
  6. I was surprised at the frayed grommets on my first paddy too...RELAX..its NORMAL!!LOL!!!!!It freaked me out too!
    Thats how they all look......
  7. Both my bags are frayed like that.
    Mine are both pre-owned-I actually assumed that it's SUPPOSED to be that way?
  8. I own two Paddy Satchels and both of them don't have frayed edges. If I bought the bag new, and the edges became frayed then it's normal. BUT I bought this bag under the assumption it's in new condition! I paid $1370 for it and expect the seller to at least describe that in her auction.
  9. But I don't want to get it repaired. I think the seller should have be responsible enough to describe it in her auction. Then I could decide for myself whether or not I want to buy it. My two satchels DO NOT have frays.
  10. Jill is right, I wouldn't worry about it. Your bag will eventually show wear after use. FYI - I checked my paddy again, and I do have a lot of fraying on those little knobs and I got mine a less than 2 weeks ago.
  11. both of my satchels do not have frays. and i just checked my friend's bag and she doesn't have any frays
  12. If the sale was final, do you think he/she will give you a refund?
  13. I just don't feel this is right. You guys say it's normal to have frays and I don't doubt that. BUT the seller needs to describe clearly in her auction if it does. It's kind of like me going to the Chloe boutique and deciding whether or not to purchase the bag if it was in this condition. But at the boutique, I can see with my own eyes. But in regards to ebay, I'm depending on her words and descriptions. In my own auctions, I even record the tiniest wear and tear just in case so the buyer will know exactly what she is getting. And this is an older bag so $1370 is not cheap.

    I contacted the seller and she doesn't want to offer me a refund. She says I have buyer's remorse which is unfair because I have been waiting for this bag for sooo long and I still want this same exact bag but not in this condition. Therefore, I am going to file a paypal dispute.
  14. I am the seller. I bought the bag from Roz7777 on ebay last spring. I have never used the bag. It was an impulse buy - the craie bowlers were sold out and I had to have it. I also had a blue nuit bowler which I was using when I bought the craie. I realized the bowler style was too small, sold the blue, but held onto the craie because I loved the way it "looked" and quite frankly because I thought it had resale potential (I paid way more for this bag than I sold it for). Recently, I've bought a lot of $$ prada bags and decided to sell the craie bowler on ebay (MP was closed). The buyer never asked for pics or asked questions til AFTER she hit BIN. This is buyers remorse, clear and simple.

    The so-called fraying is due to the fact that this bag is distressed leather and is not "finished" like a Jimmy Choo bag or a YSL Muse. By the buyer's standard, I don't think there is a flawless Chloe paddington out there (of course unless its the stiff new leather). Balenciaga has the same issues with finishing, except its a white border that shows up on the tassels and edges of the city bags. I never "revealed" this "fraying" because I never thought it was an issue or was even aware of it until 30 minutes ago.

    The buyer has now filed a claim with paypal. The auction clearly stated final sale but I'll abide by the paypal ruling. I have sold many of my "used" bags on ebay and a few on this forum, and I've never had a complaint. Sorry to bring this dispute into the forum, but I wanted to let everyone know the whole story.
  15. I dont think you will get refunded..ANY Chloe expert will tell you its normal.
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