Help! Question about my BN2274 Argilla

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  1. So I have been lusting over this bag for a loooong time and finally hubby got it for me for Valentines day. We went to a Prada boutique and they only had one in stock, which was a display and had numerous dings and scratches so they offered to have a brand new bag brought into the store for me. So on Tuesday, we picked it up. It was late so I only quickly inspected the bag and brought it home. Finally, today I inspected the bag and found some flaws. BFirst, one of the front side isn't straight. Then, on the straps the glazing looks like it's coming off.. Lastly, the zippers aren't that easy to open and close.. My question is.. Should I change this bag?! Or am I being too anal? After reading the issues on quality, I am wondering if I am being overly dramatic or there really is an issue with this bag.. Thanks for your help!! Attached are pics... (Also, what does those numbers mean?) ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393679652.419876.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393679750.181379.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393679775.366712.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393679802.059190.jpg
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    Hi dear,
    I just bought myself a BN1874 in palissandro color. Yes, it seems like it's very difficult to find a perfect bag without any minor error on bag. They had 3 at NM & I got the one looked ok most. The other two left in store, both have errors on stiches & couple spots have too much glue closed to zipper of main middle compartment. All 3 that I tried , the inner zip were all hard to pull as the extra leather linings were kind of too closed to zipper however I found easier way to pull: when you pull that inside zipper, place your thumb on the above part of zipper, bend upper leather part lightly toward the ouside along the way while you are pulling, the zip would go thru. fine as that extra leather lining doesn't touch the metal zipper part no more. The leather part below the zipper does seem to have efficient amount of space. Main middle compartment's zipper goes thru. smoothly. It seems like only that zipper of the inner pocket caused me problem.
    Hope this tip can help you too :smile: