Help! Question about Gigi Legacy Leather Tote

  1. Hi girls,
    I just received my black Gigi from Nordies. I ordered online, after seeing the whiskey in stores but passing on it since I have several brown bags. When I opened the box, the leather was a big surprise. It's actually almost shiny. It's very smooth and not at all what I anticipated. IIRC the leather on the one at the store was much different.

    Anyone else have a black Gigi? Could you tell me what the leather is like?

  2. I've seen the black Gigi before, and the leather is different than the leather they used in last year's legacy collection (according to my SA). It does have a bit of a shine from what I saw; they said they thought it was to make it even more durable? I don't know.... Can you post pics to show us? Does it bother you? They do use a different leather in the black legacy than in the whiskey, I believe..

    Maybe some Coach SAs can offer their expert advice?
  3. I actually like it for that very reason (more durable). I was afraid it could be a fake though, since it is not anything at all like the leather gigi I saw in the store. To be honest, the whiskey leather was prettier (in a way) but I think it won't wear as well. I can post a picture, later. I have to wait until after dinner (my kids are starving):rolleyes:LOL

    I don't have a Nordies here. The SA that I ordered from found it another store for me, so she didn't pick it out. She's probably seen them though, before they sold out. I'll try calling her to see.

    Thanks for the reply.:heart: