HELP! question about ghd strightener

  1. for ghd strightener owners, can you tell me if the plug is the square one or the regular plug? thanks

    i'm trying to get one off eBay for cheap but i dont know which plug is the authentic one. if anyone owns one. please let me know. thanks :]
  2. Mine is the big square one.
  3. How much cheaper is it? Costco just started carrying one at $189
  4. Hmmm, mine is rectangular and I got it from Sephora.
  5. Mine is the big square one with a red reset and a yellow test buttons. Bought at Sephora online. Edit: I have the styler. Maybe that is the difference?
  6. thanks for letting me know! do you know if that is the mk3 or mk4? thanks
  7. another question.. is there a differents between the original ghd ceramic styling and the new ghd styler?

  8. do you know if that is ghd styler or the ghd orginal ceramic styling iron?

  9. The new ghd has rounded barrells, which make it easier to curl hair.

    Mines is a big square block plug. :yes: