HELP! Question about exercise..

  1. Hi,If I exercise 3 days a week for 2 hours each of those days (which equals 6 hours a week) would I see the same results as if I exercised one hour a day, 6 days a week? ( which is also equal to 6 hours) Does the way my exercise is distributed throughout the week matter?

    Thanks So Much!
  2. My gut reaction is that one hour per day 6 days per week would be more effective, because your body would tire more during the 2nd hour if you only worked out 3 days per week. You'd have to maintain the same amount of exertion for 2 hours straight which wouldn't be easy.

    There's also a point when aerobic exercise becomes anaerobic, and no longer fat burning. But I can't remember the facts on that one. Hopefully someone else can chime in.
  3. ^ I agree. Two hours straight is a long time to work out. Sure, you're at the gym less, but your body will tire, and you won't have as much energy during that second hour, or last half hour. Less energy expended = less calories burned.
  4. I think it would be better to do an hour a day, six days a week. Working out 2 hours a day would put a lot of stress on your body. Also, if you're not working out the other two days, your body is not burning as many calories, and those are becoming fat. It only takes 2 days without exercise for your body to start storing up fat from calories that aren't burned.
  5. I would do the 1 hour, 6 days a week but time is my problem. I'm not exercising two hours back to back theres about a half hour break between the hour sessions, would that change anything? Anyone else have other suggestions on how to schedule my workouts? I am trying to loose 10 to 15 pounds by January. I'm dieting as well.
  6. It is def better to do the 1hr/6 day than the other one. Unless you are an elite athlete or training for something like a marathon, triathlon, century ride, you are actually doing more damage to your cells and compromising your immune system. Whenever I was training for a marathon, I was always more sick than when I'm working out less.
  7. It is much better for your body to get the exercise daily than to get more exercise less often. Like sleep, there is only so much you can "catch up" before it doesn't help anymore. Your body functions better with the daily exercise because it keeps your metabolism up and conditions your heart better.
  8. from what ive read even just doing a half hour a day is better than nothing. if time is a problem, try doing the 1/2 hr of cardio every day and weight training the other 3. the real problem with planning on exercising 2 hrs a day 3x a week is burnout
  9. I think the more importain info missing here is what are you doing at the gym when you are there?
  10. diva, i definitely do not recommend exercising two hours three days a week rather than six days at one hour. if you did two hours a day even for just three days, your muscles would be tired out by halfway through your routine. even if you don't have much time everyday you could instead work out three days for an hour and then another two or three days do a quicker activity such as putting in a Winsor Pilates dvd that takes about 20 minutes and is very effective. make sure, no matter what you do, to eat healthy- that will make such a dramatic difference too.

    and Lori, what you said about anaerobic and aerobic, you are right there is a difference. they both pertain to whether oxygen is present or not. aerobic (presence of oxygen) you are burning fat (among other things). anaerobic (oxygen is not present) you are increasing your muscle stregnth (again, among other things).