Help! question about confirmed address

  1. After missing so many auctions on eBay, I finally decide to solve this problem.
    My situation is:
    I am in China. I have a China based, but international paypal account. I have a China issued credit card for this account. I have all my corresponding mails and package sent to my friend's place in US, since I go to US once a year, or twice. Or, he would also mailed certain things back to me if that comes to an important mail or package.
    Now, there are so many sellers on ebays who only send packages to paypal confirmed address. But, apparently, there is no way for me to get my address confirmed since the china based account even does not have this option. I have US credit card, and a US based account with paypal. But, since I can't pay for the bill for that credit card in China, it's also impossible for me to use that aaccount.
    Oh well.... I hope my explaination is understandable.
    Anyone has any suggestion about what can I do for those auctions requiring cofnirmed address?????????
    Thank you very much
  2. I'm not too sure about this one, I'm in Australia and I have been told that my paypal account cannot be confirmed, only verified. I have a feeling only US and some Canadian accounts can be confirmed. It has caused me a lot of eBay hell too...
  3. You would have to have your billing address the same as your friend's address where you are having packages sent in order for it to show up as confirmed.
  4. thank you.
    question is the "billing address" is my credit card's billing adress right? But, I can't use this US issued credit card....I can't pay for the bill....and it seems that I can't put my china issued credit card on my account. :confused1: :confused1:
  5. yes, it means your credit card billing address. if you trust your friend enough, you could have your credit card bills sent to his address and simply pay your credit card and track activity online.
  6. can't you get verified?
  7. I think being verified has to do will accepting payments. I'm pretty sure confirmed address just means that the billing address and shipping address match, and Paypal won't provide seller protection to any seller who ships to an unconfirmed address.
  8. ........ugh, that is just frustrating, I do trust my friend, but it's just complicated to pay back him. Anyway, I guess I would just have to keep missing all those auctions.
  9. This is why I suggest that you manage your account online. You can see your credit card bills online and pay them using your checking account directly. Your friend wouldn't have to front the money.
  10. Only US, Canada and UK paypal addresses are confirmed i think.