HELP question about Coach Ombre????

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  1. Will the Ombre bag in blue come in two sizes, small/med and large? I love the bag but I don't want to pay $698 for it. I also prefer the smaller size and am hoping it is cheaper. Would love some feedback.
  2. Are you referring to the Sabrina? I only saw it available in one size in the Special Editions book.
  3. I believe it will only be coming out in the larger size.
  4. How big is the large size?
  5. I don't remember the dimensions from the look book off hand, but hopefully someone who a large Sabrina one can come along with the measurements. I don't think the large is too big. It seems a bit more of a 'medium' sized bag to me after having been able to see it in person now (I was expecting it to be bigger). I personally like the large size the best, though the small/medium is cute and could probably hold quite a bit.
  6. bump.. does anyone have the measurements of the large Sabrina?
  7. 15"x9"x6" - those are what I have for the Lg OpArt Sabrina, but I think they are the same for all the Lg. Sabrinas. Yes, the Ombre only comes in the Large Sabrina and in three colors - Blue, Purple (pics up on the Japan site and posted on TPF) and the Julianne also comes in the Ombre.
  8. I tried to order this ombre Julianne last week, but it is only available for the Japan market (at least at this time). It did not go through JAX but directly from the Japan distribution center, so there is no way for them to get it, and as of the moment, no plans to release it here. The Sabrina satchel is for the US market. I would give it time and hope that eventually it may be released here. However, at the moment this is why the US boutiques and JAX cannot even pull it up by style doesn't exist in their system. Since I don't care for the Sabrina, I decided to go for the berry and/or teal Julianne. Those colors are available.

    The colors for the ombre are purple, blue, and green. The green ombre Sabrina is available at the end of Oct.