*help *question about chanel reissue 2.55 hardware!!!

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  1. please move this if this is the wrong place to put this...
    but I recently received a chanel reissue from a friend for my birthday, I'm pretty sure it's real, I mean why would he gimme a fake one...
    also I am not reallly familiar with Chanel as I was usually a LV fan lol but I am recently shifting toward chanel =)
    but then the hardware is kinda silver ish
    and from the chanel I have seen b4 they are usually a dark grey ish color
    so I'm not really sure about this... is there like different shades for the chains? aside from gold and silver?

    thanks for your help TPF!!
  2. Post pics in the authentication thread. Or maybe take it into Chanel for repairs. They'll refuse service if it's not authentic.
  3. ^^^^ This. There are different colored chains.
  4. i think they only serve official chanel bag sellers, no personal sellers
    and i think it's not so good if I bring it in to thre stotre to actually check the bag hahha
  5. do u know what colors are there?
    and maybe pictures??
  6. #6 Oct 13, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2010
    Please see our reference library for hardware colors.

    Also, repairs are in fact available to consumers.

    If you would like to have your bag authenticated here, please post pix in our authentication thread after reading the requirements on page 1.

    And just a tip, this thread has tons of great info to help you get around in the Chanel sub.
  7. Last year (2009) I saw two dif silver chain on reissue flap. One is the dark silver/ruthiem color/dark metal color and the other one is slightly lighter and shinier silver chain (not as shiny as the silver hardware of the classic flap tho). HTH!