Help - Q re: Durability of Vernis Cles/heart for Owners

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  1. I have a black MC Koala wallet, do not like the coin compartment, and would like to get a coin cles for it. Was at boutique today and fell in love with the violet vernis cles, but I am worried that it will scratch easily. And I know that patent leather tend to have color transfer problems. I am worried that the vernis cles will get ruined due to those problems. Does anyone here own any piece of vernis cles/wallet? How long have you owned them, and do you have any problems with them? Thanx in advance for your help, LV ladies and gents.:idea:
  2. I have a pomme cles and I have not noticed any scratches on it. It still looks perfect. No color transfer problems. I had it for a few months now.
  3. You won't have any problem with a vernis heart. Vernis only looks fragile....irl, it's very durable. I say, go for it!
  4. Thank you ladies, for your responses.:flowers:
  5. I have a vernis pochette cles, and I've been using it everyday for about 4 months, and it looks brand new! and I sure don't baby my things!
  6. Vernis is very durable, I have 2 hearts and a few cles and they are in excelent condition, go 4 it! Love Vernis
  7. vernis is SOOOOO durable, hard, and structured that I don't own any other pieces except for a tiny cles! The bags are sturdy like GLASS LOL they're NOT fragile at all!!!

    *bit exagerated... but you get my point lol*
  8. I've had my vernis zippy wallet for a few months now and it still looks like it did on the day I got it. I'm don't baby my stuff, but I don't subject it to any abuse either. I do handle it quite a bit everyday though.
  9. Had my pochette and cles for six months now and haven;t noticed any scratches on it ... and i don;t baby it either
  10. I've been using my pochette cles everyday and it looksbrand new still. I think vernis is a lot more durable rhan we think!