Help! Push clasp of Eddie Borgo bracelet

  1. I've got the pyramid bracelet of Eddie Borgo, but I find that the push clasp fastening is very loose, I doesn't hear a sound like 'tuck' or 'click' after put it on? If I don't clasp the two sides secure fasten, it would fell off, is this normal?

  2. No it's not normal...just take it to any jeweler and they usually have a tool sort of like a plier which they can use to pinch it a little bit so it's tighter. I actually have the tool, so I could do it myself, but it should not be a problem for the jeweler.
  3. Thank you so much ! But I wondering why the new bracelet would be like this ...
  4. Sometimes the little push clasp gets a little "smooshed" and that's why it goes in without clicking. Just needs a little lift to open it a little. I thought you meant the little safety clasps were loose, but either way it is very fixable!
  5. Same thing happened to mine! The day I got it I could feel it wasn't closing right. Neimans overnighted me a new one- not sure if you got it there though!
  6. Thank you, I've bought from Matches , hope they will exchange for me @_@