HELP - PurseBlog issue....

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  1. Hi all! Does anyone know what the problem may be? I can access the Forum, view, and post with no issues at all, but when I pull up the PurseBlog home page, it loads up about halfway and then locks up(I have to Ctrl-Alt-Dlt to shut it down). It's been doing this for a couple weeks now, but I'm really wanting to read stuff on the blog....

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  2. What browser are you using? That is weird... it works fine for me... but let us know and I will see if Vlad has any advice for you!
  3. Hi Megs! I went offline shortly after posting, hence the delay in response. I'm using IE 7.0, and my OS is Windows XP. I don't know what the problem could be - I have problems occasionally with certain sites - a while back, I couldn't get on eLuxury's site.