help! purse/wallet


T&co state of mind..
Nov 11, 2005
hey all, though i love my polo sport velcro wallet, i think i should only stick with it when i go to the gym or practice. ive been looks for eons for a wallet for me.

the only ones i see these days are french purse ones, and while lovely, i havent seen any that match my taste..yet.

though for some reason i seem to favor a man style wallet. when i think of that, i think of brown leather, antique & traveling are two words that come to mind, or a totally out there man wallet, with graffiti or whatever. any ideas?
for some reason i envision a white walet with some bold flower in orange, yellow with some green for leaves or something like a bold cut out in one corner...i know never going to happen :sad:
not overly fond of the poppy on the brown Cs, if it was on a less busier background, im looking for something i guess affordable, but pretty open to all, i dont think id spend 600 or something on a wallet, but again open to it.
or maybe a plain white leather wallet of some sort that isnt expensive and i can try my hand on painting it myself...hmm, but open to all and anything.