Help - Purse for the wife

  1. I'm looking into buying a LV handbag for my wife as a Christmas gift. Since this my first time buying a purse for her (much less an LV) I have no idea what to get or the best place to get it from. I would really appreciate it, if you gals/guys can help me out. Here is some background info.

    She is 5'2", on a small frame and already has a decent sized tote for everyday use, that she likes. So I think a smaller more causual evening/weekend bag would be a nice gift. I know she likes the Monogram design, but denim is a no no. If possible I would like to stay close to an $800 budget, but am willing to spend more if I find a good deal. I'm not really keen on buying a used one, unless its in mint condition (no scratch marks on buckels etc).

    I was thinking something along the lines of "Multicolore (White) Eliza". Any suggestions?

  2. I don't think you can go wrong with a basic Speedy. (If you're not too familiar with the styles, do a search on Personally, I think the white multicolore is a bit too seasonal, she may want something she can wear year-round. If that's the case, you might be better off with the "regular" brown monogram. A Speedy 30 might be a bit big on her, so she may prefer the Speedy 25 instead.
  3. Thanks for the tip. Didn't know multicolore was seasonal.

    I'll check out, while I wait for more suggestion.
  4. I would for a mono speedy.
  5. what does she normally carry?
    A bag in her hand or crook of her arm or always on her shoulder?
    If she likes a shoulder bag, don't get the Speedy, go for a Batignolles Horizontal or Neverfull.
  6. I agree with Swanky. The Neverfull comes in more than one size, you might want to look at the different sizes if you choose that bag.
  7. For me personally, I wouldn't wear a white multicolore bag in the winter, but others might. That's why I suggested the "regular" monogram pattern, because you can wear it year-round.
  8. That purse you're thinking about is more than $700.

    I think it depends on what she puts in her purse and if she likes hand-held purses or shoulder bags.

    I think an Epi Pouchette would be a good purchase. Even is she likes to carry a lot of stuff, she can use the pouchette for a night out (to put in some CC and cash, lipstick and a camera). She can aso use the pochette as a "catch-all" accessory and put it inside her everyday tote.

    Let us know what you end up buying her.
  9. Does she prefer shoulder bags or handheld? Do you have kids? Shoulder bags are easier if you have a kid.
  10. Thanks for the responses everyone.

    She likes shoulder bags. We do not have any kids.

    Is eluxury the only place online where I can buy new LV bags? How does their price compare to the LV stores?

    This is the purse she currently has. So I was trying to get her something a little smaller. Are the ones recommended so far (Speedy, Batignolles Horizontal or Neverfull) smaller than this?

  11. Eluxury is owned by LV and the prices are the same as the prices at the boutique. Yes, it is the only place online to buy new LV.
  12. I prefer speedy (any kind:yes:)... but you can also think about musette. it is a very cute and comfortable bag too.
  13. You are such a sweet husband to come on here and try to research the prefect bag for your wife. Not many men would do that. I know mine would go in and just buy anything and hope I like it.

    I am more a shoulder bag type of a girl but I have to say I LOVE my speedy's. I am 5'3 and I tend to carry a ton of stuff in my bags. I have 2 speedy 30's and they are a perfect size. The 25 seems to small for me.

    All the multicolore bags are all over $1000. The multicolore speedy is $2000.

    I think the perfect first LV would be a speedy. Now comes the next choice. Mono, Damier, Azur or Epi. I would go with the classic mono.
  14. I forgot to mention STAY AWAY FROM eBay!!!!!!!! 99% of the LV's there are fake. DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!

    If you do not live in either CA or TN if you buy it from you do not pay sales tax. They offer free shipping quite often.
  15. Thanks. I'll probably just endup getting the purse from the boutique. Because just in case she doesn't like my choice, exchanging would be much easier. From what I've read here, exchanging through elux will take a while. I'm planning to go to the boutique and check out all your recommendations within the next few weeks. I'll let you all know what I plan to get.