HELP: Purchase @ London Chanel

  1. Hi! Im new here and have spent most of my time over in Gucci. SO now I'm in my other obsession Chanel. I'm traveling in London right now..went to Chanel store thinking they would have all the "new" styles and was not impressed. (and they were pretty snobby..just silly really..wouldnt bring anything out to show you unless you REALLY discribed it, then low and behold they'd find something after telling you they were sold out..weird).:confused1:

    Anyway, It seems that with the VAT you get back, the purses could be a little bit of a savings from USA prices. So I was wondering if anyone has ever purchased anything at the Chanel at Heathrow Airport? I've gone by there so fast in the past rushing to catch flights that I never had too much time to look. But this trip I will have quite a bit of time in duty free.

    Any advice, suggestions? Do you find the prices to be good? How about the selection? Would really appreciate info as Im leaving London this thursday.
    Thank you
  2. Hi Shoedivas!

    I've never purchased from the Heathrow store, but I have purchased from the Selfridges store and then claimed tax back via their refund program. Once Selfridges took out their admin fee, I saved around 10% off the store prices. They do the same thing at Harrods I believe, so it might be worth having a look at these two boutiques as well as the one at Heathrow?

    I have also called the Heathrow store before to enquire about stock and they were really helpful, so it is worth calling ahead if there's a particular style you're after.

    HTH! :smile:
  3. Yep, Heathrow are friendly and you can call ahead, ask what they have, and they held a jumbo and a medium the last time my husband travelled so that he could look at them both.

    Just remember what terminal are you flying out of, and you can easily call them tomorrow and find out stock before you arrive. You will save 17.5 percent, so its a great saving, but if I remember correctly, they dont have the boxes there, thats the only thing that is different :smile:
  4. Hi,

    Does Heathrow or other Chanel outlets in Britian take phone orders and ship internationally? Thanks!
  5. Heathrow doesnt, as you have to be travelling internationally to qualify for the tax free 17.5 percent, but the other London stores I am sure can help you Iray.

    Whereabouts do you live? :smile:
  6. --I was in Harrod's yesterday asking about other items they would need to order. The SA said they ship USA the shipping was about 30 (us dollars), and when they ship internationally they automatically take out the 17.5% VAT.

    Harrod's had a terrible selection of CHanel bags in my opinion. They just didnt have very many. THere were huge selections of every other designer purse..LV, Gucci, Balenciaga etc. But not much Chanel this week. They did have that reissue that everyone here is talking about, in several sizes and colors though if thats what your looking for.

    Just to give you an idea...the classic evening clutch with the silver cc's clasp on top...its $1125 in USA. At Chanel boutique it was 605 pounds. Take off the VAT and it comes to $998 (hope that math was right) it is a bit of a savings, plus in the USA you'd add tax of various % depending on the state your in. Although in las vegas, and Im not 100% sure about this, but I think they ship out of state and dont charge taxes...seems they did that yeara ago anyway, not sure about now.

    Im off to Selfridges today like the ladies suggested and will call Heathrow Chanel to see what they have and have them hold for me.
  7. ----THANK YOU so much for that information...I will do just that. Thank you all for this information. Im headed to Selfreidges right now because if I remember, they always seem to have a good selection of items. But I will be in Heathrows Chanel shop too!
  8. Wow. I didn't know that they take off VAT when they ship internationally. Does anyone know what e/w caviar flaps they have at heathrow and for how much? any beige caviar? thanks :heart:
  9. Chloe-baby & Shoedivas,

    Thank you so much for the info! I am living in Hong Kong and the price sounds better than that in the US! I will have to find a friendly SA in the UK now! :yahoo:
  10. can they declare the item as a "gift" if you order from Harrods??