Help!! Pulled thread on my shoulder bag!

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  1. I just found this pulled thread on my Legacy shoulder bag and I'm devastated! :sad: What do I do? I'm afraid if I just leave it, that more of the thread will pull out of those holes and it'll just get worse. Is this something that the store would fix, or replace? I bought the bag on Dec 1st, so I don't know that they would even give me a new bag to replace it after I've used it? I need advice, what would you girls do in this situation? :shrugs: Thank you in advance!

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  2. Take it to the Coach store or send it in and they will take care of it for you, most likely with no charge. Coach is well known for their GREAT customer service.;)
  3. I agree with Nina, take it to coach!
  4. Definitely take it back and let Coach take care of it!
  5. yep i agree with the others, bring it back to coach.
  6. Take it back to Coach. They should have no problem giving you a new one or sending it off to repair it.
  7. of course go back to coach! they will take care of it. you just bought it, and service should be exceptional for you. (for us all)