help!!! pst or timeless clutch!


Nov 2, 2006
:yes:Hay people its xmas and im in need of a new bag...ive already handed in my xmas list but found a couple of cute bags that im interested in but havent any info. i tried doing a search on the forum but im not sure if im missing anything. does anyone know if the pst is still for sale and what colors/price its available at? same the the timeless clutch and at the same time which one would you rather get? the info would be greatly appreciated
Oct 13, 2006
PST & timeless clutch are both from Timeless line, which normally don't go on sale unless it's discountinued color such as Pink. Pink PST was on sale few weeks ago, but not sure if there's any left ATM. I have both black PST & clutch, it depends on your need. I get more use out of PST b/c of the size and it's a shoulder bag, yet you can kinda squeez it in 'formal' catagory if you dress in pants. Timeless clutch is by far my fav clutch of all time-it fits a ton! If you plan to pair the clutch w/jeans, I'd go w/caviar for it's build more sturdy than lambskin.

The PST is availble in Caviar, Black, white, beige, pink, dark brown. There may be some other color that's been discountinued i'm not aware of.

Timeless Clutch comes in Caviar, Lambskin, Satain, Python, colors of purple, white, black, red, beige are the ones i can think of. the python is sold out.

Do a search in the forums above General of Chanel, you should find tons of pix and info about them.

Good luck! :flowers:


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Jun 24, 2007
Between PST and timeless clutch, I would go for the clutch because it truly is one of the most amazing clutches I have ever had!!

Mine is boring black cavier. I would have gone for some crazy colours except Chanel so far has not come up with any crazy colours yet and I missed the purple when it was first introduced...(bad bad bad).


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May 17, 2006
well, that depends what you prefer. PST is an everyday or functional bag where u can stuff more things but clutch can be used for casual or even functions.

If i were to choose, since i'm not into PST (as i prefer GST), then i will go for black lambskin clutch


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Jul 6, 2007
I could not find the price increase thread, but I think the caviar timeless clutch is now $1150 and the pst is maybe $1695? I have the timeless clutch and it is great. It fits a great deal and can be dressed up and dressed down. I like the pst though it is a bit small for me so I have the gst. The one you get depends on your lifestyle and what you would use it for. If you are looking for an everyday bag, I would say get the pst. Also, I would recommend you get it at Saks when they have their next ecg event or at Bloomingdales when they have their next gift card event. That way you can get a gift card towards a future purchase with your Chanel. I don't know when the next ecg or gift card event will be, but if you check the steals and deals thread they usually post them. My guess would be late January but they could suprise us with a sneak one before the end of the year.


Nov 2, 2006
thanks so much for the help guys! :yes: Today i woke up and had a surprise dropped off at my door! a new PST in black caviar with gold straps. Strangley enough i was told by the chanel SA that a few months back there was a price increase and then not so long ago a price decrease. go figure. ill post pics once i get home. But im so loving my bag and thanks for all the helpful info :P