HELP! Protecting White Leather Bags

  1. I've long stayed away from white bags because I am fearful of getting them dirty. I recently gave in and I purchased a white leather bag. I wore it with jeans on Saturday and the color from my jeans transferred onto my beautiful white bag. Ack! As soon as I got home I whipped out my Apple Garde cleaner and I went to work on the bag. It helped to remove some of the jeans transfer, but there are still traces of blue on my bag.

    Is there any way to prevent jeans transfer and dirt pick-up? Will spraying the bag with Apple Garde protect it? Is Vectra a better, more effective choice? Or is the transfer/dirt pick-up an inevitable fact of life if you want to carry a white bag? I'm very careful with my bags, but this bag got dirty in two point five nano seconds. I want to be able to use this bag on a fairly regular basis (and hopefully with jeans), but I don't want to ruin it and I don't want to be constantly checking it to make sure it is OK.

    Any help/tips would be GREATLY appreciated.
  2. What white leather bag did you purchase?
  3. I've heard from Chanel SA's that for lambskin, vectra is the way to go to prevent stains on white/light colored leather.