Help!..protecting the lambskin??How do you take care of your fendi spy?

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  1. please help??
    We all know how much the spy bags cost...
    what's the best way to protect the lambskin leather?
    I mean... I got the new taupe color and wore the bag one time only:crybaby:
    and already a part of the leather has darkened!:nuts:
    Is there any way to prevent this??
    What's the best leather protectent?:shame:

    The leather seems so delicate & oh sooo soft!!
    HELP! please...:nuts: :yahoo:

    and in your opinion what color do you prefer the new taupe or the standard cognac?
    I bought both within one week!:shrugs:
  2. Can you include a pic of your taupe. Maybe we are calling it another color here. Until seeing the taupe, I like the cognac. It's on my list. As for care, search the Fendi and Chanel thread as there are threads discussing care for lambskin. I have not done anything preventative with my petrol yet.
  3. I haven't treated any of my SPYs either. I prefer they age naturally.:yes:
  4. wow-post pics of them for us to see..I never treat my bags..BUT my spy is black so i dont have to worry about stains..LOL..That would drive me CRAZY if it already darkened...
  5. I have the honey wisteria and they are sooo durable! I didn't notice any darkening but i still love the way it looks!!!
  6. I have a chocolate brown Spy and I sprayed it with AG before I started using it, and it looks great. As far as the taupe or cognac I prefer the cognac color.
  7. I got the Zucca spy and I had the same concern about the leather part. According to my SA, the leather on the spies is already treated as they are supposed to wear natural. HTH.
  8. I found it hard to care for the leather and it takes some time for me to get use to the wearing process...
  9. I did the exact same thing and I've had no problems.