Help! Proenza won't fix my bag because i bought it at HG Bags

  1. Truth.
  2. I'll add that I think the issues with weak stitches and loose studs has popped up now because PS makes many more bags now than a couple of years ago. I never heard about this when PS made all bags in the same small shop, I think they knew where the bags needed stronger threads etc to hold up. It seems this knowledge has now been lost for newer bags and I think PS should do something about it. It's bad for PS to get this reputation..
  3. Well wouldn't you know it, I've been away in Italy for 12 days and while I was away the little pin that holds the clasp down fell off and I couldn't find it. And because I got my bag from hgbags I won't bother going through the effort to get it fixed, it's too much of a pain. It's not a huge deal, just annoying. Sadly though I think I'm through with PS after their customer service issues and my quality issues (things falling off, massive colour change). I got a Tod's D bag while I was away and I can't imagine they would ever treat their customers like this, and it's unlikely I would need them, the other bag of theirs I have had for 2 years still looks new.

    Also I seem to be having trouble with my PMs, I'm getting email notifications but then the email disappears and the message isn't there when I log in. It is so odd. I have no idea how an email just disappears?!???? It's happened three times now. Anyhow someone on here asked me where I go in London for shoe repairs, the place is just called Classic Shoe Repairs in Brecknock Rd N7. I've had shoes done there before and they're great, as I said all the high end shops send stuff to them.

    Also Micole I have your PM, I don't know why some stay and some don't?!?? I just got back today so will write back soon!
  4. In case anyone still cares, I've received
  5. no response. Neither Rachel or Samantha has bother to respond to my request to continue to send it up the chain. So as it stands I'm out well over 1k for a bag I used for less then 5 months. Proenza's innovative design is sadly out shadowed by their poor after care. This is the end of my Proenza adventure. I wish everyone good luck with their bags and hope the reconsider their unreasonable policy.
  6. How awful, I'm really sorry to hear that.
  7. Such a shame. I was sharing this issue with a friend of mine who runs a consignment shop in an upscale area. She said that this policy of theirs will hurt their longterm staying power in the classic premium designer bag industry. She said even the wealthy like to resale their bags and having a policy like this will destroy the value of the bag.
  8. Wow reading all of this is quite discouraging who love the design and the colors of this brand especially the PS1... I actually got a violet from HGbags as well but I have never posted it here because in the 1st month I got it i realized there was a tear/hole in the leather and I got a big shock because i checked the insides and it wasnt like i was carrying anything sharp enough to make that hole... It just appeared out of nowhere... And then i lost a screw as well on the handle. And theres another screw that i have to manually tighten each time i use this purse... Truly truly discouraging as much i love the color... Was planning on getting a Large Black PS1 (still want to) but I really have my doubts...
  9. I got my first ps1 some time ago and i am disappointed to hear they don't stand behind their products. I was planning to make second and third purchases soon but this discouraged me from doing so. Which is a shame because I adore my ps1.
  10. Do they have an authentication process? You could easily send it in and have it authenticated and just correspond with someone else. I'm sure those aren't the only two people in the company who deal with customers. When it is authenticated, they will probably send in some sort of paper that says "this is a PS bag". When you get that, send it in to be repaired with the paper.

    Or you could offer to pay to have it repaired.

    I find it ridiculous that they didn't offer to have it authenticated or even suggest you go to your local store to have it authenticated. All they need is proof it's real. If it's real, it was obviously purchased at an authorized retailer AT SOME POINT, so what does it matter WHEN or WHO purchased it from the actual store if they offer a LIFETIME service?
  11. Was wanting to buy a ps1 but will definitely think it over sad to hear this :sad:
  12. I am stuck here too with the exact same experience. My bag (which is NOT from HGbags might I add, but also doesn't have a receipt) has a loose clasp. And Proenza Schoulers socalled customer service is getting me absolutely nowhere.

    I am NOT asking them to repair my bag for free. I am simply asking them to do it for a charge or similar advice. This broken clasp should be a very simple procedue. But nothing....

    My ride with PS was short :sad:
  13. Sorry to hear this. Sad to say but I've totally gone off PS after hearing all this about how they treat their customers, along with the quality issues I've experienced. I still like the look of the bags (well I like the look of them when they're new, not after they change colour and start falling apart...haha), but wouldn't buy another out of principle. They don't deserve my business.
  14. Hi everyone -- I've been lurking in the subforum for a while now, going back and forth over whether to buy a PS 1. In fact, I bought a black medium Christmas 2010, but returned it because I wasn't quite sure I loved the bag at the time. Since then, I've gone back and forth about whether to purchase it again. I've been following all the QC issues being reported and I've decided to pass because of the lack of customer service.

    Stupid question -- Is there any legal recourse? The fact that QC issues continue to happen is ridiculous.
  15. I wonder if the increased production of bags resulted in them moving the factory to China. It can read, "Italy" but we all know everything is made in China these days.

    Perhaps when they produced the originals in 2008, they really did use artisans in Italy to design the prototype. But who can afford to do that now.

    Can anyone tell me what year all the quality control issues started? Is it just very recent?