Help! Proenza won't fix my bag because i bought it at HG Bags

  1. Oh!!! they are putting all their blame on where you are buying the bag from but not quality control of the bag.

    If the bag is authentic, they can charge for the repair if the customer do not have a receipt to proof the warranty.

    If the bag is received as a gift, how they expect customers to have a receipt !? How embarrassing it will be if the gift giver has to put the receipt inside the PS1 simply because there is a good chance the bag will need to be repaired!

    After reading this thread, I m really hesitate to have another PS1 unless PS is improving their quality
  2. I'm not one to get worked up about something, but I am starting to about this. I've bought 3 bags directly from PS and 2 from hgbags. PS should stand by their product no matter where it was obtained. I would be mortified to ask someone for a receipt if my bag had been a gift. What if a receipt is lost? Or stolen? Or destroyed?

    BTW, PS, many inks fade on receipts. I have a receipt from Saks (for an unrelated product), from last May, and the ink has almost disappeared.

    Truly, this is unacceptable customer service.
  3. I really feel for you. PS is treating you horribly; there is no logical reason why a designer of high-end accessories would refuse to repair an item that is verified authentic.

    It seems to me they don't want to spend the effort to authenticate your bag. Which, considering the price of your bag, is offensive and - above all - disappointing.

    The supervisor's response is ridiculous. Can you imagine receiving a gift, and then demanding that the friend or family member produce a receipt? It's vulgar.

    I bought all 3 of the PS bags in my current collection from "authorized retailers," but after owning them all for at least a year, I would be hard-pressed to find the receipts. In fact, I know that none of them are still lying around. I wonder if a credit card statement would suffice? Would Proenza Schouler deign to take the time to check their own records to verify a 2010 purchase?

    I can't imagine how upsetting this is for you. Thank you for sharing the experience, though. I just love my PS bags, but now I will proceed with caution before purchasing any more of their products.
  4. It sounds like they'd require the reciept even if you bought it from them, which is absolutely ridiculous.
  5. The treatment by PS is beyond abysmal! I so feel for you, theilnana.

    Here I was, so madly loving my new bag and considering buying another... not any more. It will be my one and only!

    I initially liked everything around PS, thought they were a breath of fresh air, the little company that could... No more. All that has faded. If a company cannot stand by their product, no matter where it was purchased or whether or not a receipt can be produced, and refuses to offer anything less than excellent Customer Service (especially in today's economic climate), then I don't want anything to with them.

    Keep up the good fight, theilnana! We are all behind you.
  6. What does Erica say? Isn't it possible for her to make a complain to whoever she buys the bags from?
  7. I always always save email confirmation receipts, no matter what I buy, just to have records. I always have. When I sent my bag to PS repair, I pulled up my receipt on-line and provided the order number. My recommendation is to always save those on-line receipts when making purchases that way.
  8. ^ I agree. I never delete emails. But in-store purchase are different. Though many are now offering to email a receipt as well.

    Though. Email receipts are easily faked! Actually any receipt is when it's a copy sent along.

    Seriously, PS needs to rethink their policy.
  9. WOW...... just WOW I can't even find the words to describe how awful their treatment and CS to you has been. This is completely unacceptable of them and seeing as how many of their bags have problems I'm guessing they are doing this as a way to limit how many bags are on record of being sub-par (for the price we pay it's obscene how easily they fall apart). It's become a trend with their products sadly and I am a huge fan, or was before this. I own an XL PS1 and quite a few SLG's and I can tell you I will NEVER purchase another PS product as a result of your experience. In fact as much as I adore my bag I think I better sell it before it falls apart and they make me jump through ridiculous hoops. Receipt or no they can tell when they receive your bag if it is authentic and their refusal to help you with your bag is a sign of just how important their client base really is. Shame on you PS:bagslap: You've lost another long-time customer here.
  10. I am sorry they are not standing by their product! I can *kind of* see where they are coming from regarding hgbags but I do not understand why they would make someone have a receipt if it was a GIFT!

    I wonder if they just really dislike hgbags and since you admitted you bought it from there they just won't help. I wonder if it would have been different if you said it was a gift from the beginning? I just don't understand not fixing these problems for people who are spending $1500+ on a handbag.

    Either way...they have SERIOUS quality control issues and I think they are shooting themselves in the foot. I know my pochette will remain my one and only PS until they improve their quality control and customer service.

    Even if they did decide to repair these bags that have been falling apart I am not so sure I want to buy another. The screws falling out, threads coming undone and the unnatural fading/blotchiness is more than enough to turn me off.
  11. With the several issues people have had with HG bags and PS1s, I think the only PS I would buy from Erica would be a KA. The larger discount makes it more worth it. That said, the PS policy sucks all around. Sorry you've had your heart broken over this. :sad:
  12. Even though I think I've reached the end on this issue, Samantha hasn't written back; I wanted to thank everyone for their support. It has really meant a lot to me. All of you kept me going and kept me writing those emails. I wish there was some way of starting a letter writing campaign or something, but I don't think Proenza Schouler would care. Its really too bad because I really did like their bags. I'll let you know if there are any updates. Thank again everyone.
  13. I am going to write a letter. Does anyone know which other premium designers are known to repair their bags without proof of purchase?
  14. In the past, Bottega Veneta and YSL have done repairs without any issue.