Help! Proenza won't fix my bag because i bought it at HG Bags

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with this.
  2. In case you ladies are still interested, there is a small update. I sent a pretty angry email and asked her to escalate the issue to her boss. She emailed back say someone would contact me today. But of course no one did. I'll give them another day. I can't believe that they are complicating such a simple matter. The purse is defective and I just want to have it fixed. who knew it would get so messy.
  3. Good for you for not giving up!! Keep us updated!
  4. I'm on app and can't get smileys or I'd give you a thumbs up!
  5. Keep up your fight!! You are bound to get some should not matter WHERE you bought your bag...they made it, PERIOD...they need to stand behind their product no matter what!! If they don't get their act together in regards to these issues their sales will go down the tubes!
  6. This seems a lot like when you buy watches. You can only use the warranty if you bought the watch from an authorized dealer, otherwise you need to pay for the repair yourself. Is it something like that? What would happen if you went to an authorized dealer and said you lost the receipt?
  7. Am so sorry to hear that PS does not stand behind their product. I have been eyeing an orchid PS1 at NM. After reading the response given to the OP by PS, I've rethought my "have to have" logic and have decided to live without a Proenza in my closet.

    Theilnana~ I hope somehow you are able to resolve your repair problem.
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  9. Perhaps I have some clues where HGBags gets the bags from.. I just saw they listed medium/large PS1 in the new sky blue color, and so far only Barneys has the sky blue color for almost all PS bags and small leather goods. It could be that the sky blue is a Barneys exclusive color? They have had exclusive PS bags and colors before from what I've seen..
  10. I just read the new email from HGBags mentioning they reduce the prices of the new season's PS1 because of the drop of € and they want to pass the saving to the customers.

    So... I guess the source is in Europe !
  11. This is the part I didn't get. I think she meant that the bags are made in Europe, Italy? Even though its an American Brand. Also, PS are usually much more expensive here in Europe, so I don't see this adding up.
  12. After all this back and forth I got Rachel to escalate the situation to her boss. I was told that Samantha would get back to me Thursday and of course I didn't hear back till Monday and this all I got:

    Dear XXXXX,

    I hope this finds you well. Thank you for your patience with my response. Rachel was catching me up on your unfortunate situation. Please know she was not at all trying to be difficult, but only following our procedure.

    To continue, had your bag been a gift, we would still have required the receipt as this is the procedure for all handbag repairs whether on a private or wholesale level.

    I do apologize that you are continually frustrated with Proenza Schouler’s handbag repair process. However, as Rachel has previously stated, is not an authorized retailer and we cannot repair this handbag; we have very high standards and uphold strict relationships with our vendors.

    Going forward, should you care to purchase another Proenza Schouler bag that is not available at The Room, a sales associate can easily call our corporate office to check for availability or you can purchase at as we ship internationally.

    All of our bags, purchased through authorized retailers, are guaranteed for the lifetime of the bag.

    I apologize for the trouble you are experiencing with I wish you the best.

    Kind Regards,
    Samantha Carter
  13. Honestly, Her response made me cry. I bought an authentic bag and I being treat like a person who buy fakes. I have never been treated like this by any company, ever. I wrote back to her and included a link to this sub forum. Hope she responds. I can't be out this kind of money on a bag I can't use.
  14. I am so sorry!!! It would make me emotional too! You decide to spend a large amount of money on a BRAND and then they treat you like this when THEIR product has a defect, and we know from tPF that defects on their bags are a relatively common occurrence! It's all such a joke. They are porobably bogged down with all the repairs and are trying to save money....So they're saying that if a husband buys their wife a present and 6 months later a screw falls off, the wife is screwed if the hubby can't find the receipt??? Ugh, I can't even get started on this or I'll get too worked up.