Help! Proenza won't fix my bag because i bought it at HG Bags

  1. After two weeks of emails back and forth I have been told by Rachel Smith at Proenza that they will not repair my bag. I bought a nude medium PS1 less then 5 months ago from HG Bags, and it is falling apart. The color has faded, the screws have fallen out, and the interior has come undone. There is no way to use the bag right now. I really feel like Proenza is just trying to save money and effort by just saying no. I know the bag is authentic but they say it's only authentic if I bought it at an authorized retailer. This just isn't right. What should I do?
  2. oh my so sorry you're dealing with this. how is hgbags not an authorized retailer? Have you tried contacting HG Bags?
  3. Not sure why HG bags is not an authorized retailer but they are not. I know the bag is authentic but Proenza says they can't be sure. To be fair Erica at HG bags is great but I know she can't have things repaired. So now I'm stuck with a bag I can't use. I know other have had their bags repaired I just need advice on how to convince Proenza to do it.
  4. HG bags is not an authorized retailer, as I understand it she's an individual and also sells on eBay, etc. But that's complete BULL**** that they are saying the bag isn't AUTHENTIC if it isn't purchased from an authorized dealer....they seem confused b/t the words authentic and authorized.

    I have said this before in other threads, in this day and age with Bonz and eBay, a brand like PS CANNOT expect that every person who owns one of their bags to have bought it from Barneys, etc. It is a purchaser's perogative to sell a bag after they buy it. It's their property. It doesn't stop being an authentic PS b/c it changes hands. Ugh,, this brand's attitude about THEIR qc issues makes my blood boil.....can you tell!! :cool:

    I bothered them until they fixed my bag (which was orginally from HGbags, then sold to me from someone on tPF through Bonanza), but only after a ton of calls and emails. I was dealing with Rachel too. This was almost a year ago now, and I agree with you, they are just doing this to "save" money on having to fix their own issues with their bags. So frustrating....ok, off soap box now. Sorry to hijack your thread.
  5. Here's my thread, if it helps at all:
  6. Omg. That is horrible!! How do they know where u got the bag from? Do u need to provide proof of purchase? Did u try to tell Erica the situation n maybe she can help out? She might b able to get her bag source to help since her bag source must b an authorized dealer.

    I think it is totally wrong. PS should stand for their bag no matter where it is from. As long as it is an authentic bag, they should stand for their name. I have been to bottega n Chanel n LV to fix my bags, they never ask where I got the bag from. With the price we paid for this bag, we deserve a better customer care.

    Now I start to worry :sad: I just bought a medium ps1 from Erica as my bd gift. Ur incident makes me feel worthless n sad.

    Sorry for what happened to ur bag.

  7. I'm super frustrated as well. Here is the exact email Rachel sent me. (I just xed out my name)

    Hello XXXXX,

    Sorry for the delay in my response. Thank you for the photos

    Sorry to inform you that is not one of our authorized retailers. There for we are unable to accept bags from there for repair as we cannot guarantee authenticity.

    I apologize for your inconvenience in this issue. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help clarify.

    Rachel Smith

    That's it and that all after two weeks of emails and pics. They just said NO!

  8. Its totally BS...
    its their bag and how come they cannot authenticate thieir bag?????
    When I brought my LV and Chanel for repair, the specialist told me after they send the bags in for repair, the repair master will be able to authenticate the bag. PS should have ability to do it as well
  9. Hey I'm with you. I even offered to pay the cost to ship it to them to have it authenticated. She didn't even respond to that. I own three Proenza bags but this may be the end for me.
  10. agree with everyone. bs that they cant verify authenticity. they obviously already have your name, but i wonder if they would have given you as much trouble if you had said that you got the bag as a gift from someone who bought it at an authorized retailer.. i mean what are they going to do, as you to track down where the gifter bought the bag from?
  11. I was thinking the same thing....plenty of people get bags as gifts, so basically that means that if the money didn't come from your account your bag isn't protected in the case of defects?? Wow. I kind of understand not wanting to service knockoffs - though I'm sure they can authenticate their own bag - but I've never seen of a company so willing to turn away loyal and valued customers despite defects of which I'm sure they're well aware.
  12. I think it's unfortunate when you know the bag is authentic and PS can't help out. I understand the PS CS is careful about authenticity, especially if they send the bag back to Italy for repair. There was someone with a fake PS1 here some time ago that had fallen apart and they had contacted PS for repair, so it happens.

    Perhaps we could authenticate a bag (bought at HGBags etc) here on tPF before contacting PS with a repair request, perhaps it could help?
  13. wow, thats no good at all!
    surely you should be able to send the bag in and only IF they declare it a counterfeit (which it is not) then they wont repair it?!
    i had asked in another thread and would love to hear from HGBags as to where the bags are from if not direct from PS.. that should really clarify all this drama and at least put some of her customers at!
  14. So it's been 5 days since I wrote them back and the have just ignored me. No response at all. I can't believe the treatment I'm receiving. I'm going to write back again today, but I think they may just ignore me again. This really sucks. Any advice on what to say?
  15. This isn't much help but I find that PS customer service isn't all that great. I emailed asking if something would be back in stock and I never got a response. So it might not just be your question but that they just don't respond. ><