HELP! Problems with my first Bal

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  1. Hey all! I just got my first b-bag; city in Ciel
    However there are some parts of the bag where the leather is like "popping out". Is this normal???
    any help is much appreciated! (:

  2. popping out!? can you describe this better? Is it like the leather is splitting (like a blister)?

    anyway, this does not look normal. can you do a return or exchange>
  3. Hmm, u know how when u touch the leather it supposed to be smooth and all? this one feels like rough at some areas (mainly the sides) and the leather there looks really dry! sorry i dont know the actual word for describing it!

    My brother got the bag for me from London but he claimed VAT for me and supposedly they took the receipt back so i dont know how to go about exchanging!!!
  4. Try some LMB moisturizing cream, may just need some moisture!
  5. I have creases like that inside my envelope clutch where it folds. I was assured it's normal but anyway like muggles said, you could moisturise it? I moisturised mine and it looks much better now.
  6. OH thank god i was soooo worried it was a defect piece since my brother was the one who got it for me and you know guys, they don't really check anything.