HELP- Problems printing a paypal label

  1. Hi all,
    Im trying to print a paypal label for my customer, and everytime I try to hit continue to purchase the label, I get a message from paypal saying that they recommend another zipcode for my buyer's address.. but I googled my buyer's city and it has multiple zipcodes for their town...

    Its also a confirmed address, so im still unsure why paypal wont let me bypass this and continue.. is there a way to bypass this message?

  2. Maybe you should try and add the tracking info on PayPal.
  3. You should be able to edit the label with the correct (or recommended) zip code, see where it says "edit" in the ship to area.

    However, since we are talking about a different zip code, you should be aware that in the case of an "item not received" claim - Paypal will look for proof that delivery was to the original zip code. So I don't know how much money are we talking about here, and that you may be risking away, but you should consider that.
  4. oh man i hate it whent his happens!!

    if u edit the addy, it may not be covered by the protection thing.