Help Problem with stitching

  1. I, like many of you guys bought the tabacco paddington from NAP. Sadly after a week of useage I noticed that the stitching inside the front pocket is coming apart already.
    I quickly called NAP and after two days of calls they told me that they will either give me a full refund(which I don't want because I love the bag) or give me a 5% discount on my bag or how ever much it will cost for an independent repair shop to fix it for me.

    I am stuck I want the bag but having someone take my the lining of the bag apart scares me. Worse case scenerio I will have to return it. I am so sad. What should I do?
  2. I would take it to some reputable repair shop and ask if they could fix it without removing lining, and ask how much would it cost to you..? Good luck, I hope your paddy's soon as good as new :flowers:
  3. ^ I agree with Sonja.:yes:

    I personally wouldn't send it back for something that's happening inside the bag. Is it at all noticeable from the outside?

    Find out how much it will cost to get it sorted, then weigh that up with the 5% NAP have offered you.

    I hope you get it sorted soon!:flowers:
  4. Thanks guys I have decided to keep the purse and going to a repair shop tomorrow, wish me luck.
  5. dear telethrow:
    good decision. i too have the potential problem on my tobacco (possible loose handle; it came with 1 of the handle un-attached to the bag but i put it on) but for the price and the other ladies helped me identify it was authentic, so i am keeping it.

    Don't feel bad cause you are NOT alone...
  6. Wishing you lots of luck telethrow!
    I'm sure your bag will be fine - and as good as new in no time!:yes:

    I am wondering if the bags were all on sale because they were previous customer returns...?

    The only 'fault' i can see on mine is a bumpy bit underneath the leather on the handle. Nothing major, but if i'd paid full price, i might have considered sending it back. But as i got a good deal, i'm not worried about it.
  7. good luck telethrow! i'm glad NAP is going to pay for the repairs...
  8. I'm so happy, I called NAP back today to see if they have any returned bags before I decided to fix my bag and they do. I can't wait for the new one to come.
  9. Good news! Please let us know when you get your replacement!:yes:

    .............and then we can see lots of yummy pics..:graucho: ;)
  10. dear telethrow: i am very happy for you as its a wonderful end to this purchase!!! Enjoy her.

    dear Chicky: i thought about the same thing too and i am just like you, full payment = perfection. discount= i'll live with it...

    dear nycmom: thank you AGAIN; you know what.

    ENJOY the weekend, ladies with your Chloe babies!!!
  11. telethrow...
    i have the same problem (with the loose threads on the inside pocket.) that is sooo awesome that NAP is refunding the cost to repair! i'm sure you'll be able to find someone to baby it all up again!
  12. I read your post. That would break my heart if that happened. I like to stick my phone in that pocket... it's so convenient.

    I sent my bag back to NAP for an exchange. I miss it already, I hate the feeling to sending my bag back but it's for the better.
  13. That's awesome that they had more bags you could exchange for! It anyone else has stitching problems, take it to any good alterations/seamstress! Mine is amazing and has fixed everything I can think of. Even reinforced some items that didn't need fixing, but anal me, wanted to make sure nothing ever came loose! :wlae:
  14. Was your seamstress able to match the stitching pretty well cuz i was going to take mine to a local shoe repair place and they told me the stitching would look different.