Help: problem with denaro zipper!!!

  1. Hi, this is my first time in the Tokidoki subforum. Yaayyyy!.

    So sometime in Feburary i bought my first Tokidoki, i was totally in love! I bought the Lamore denaro online from Nodstrom. To my dismay, when i tried it out.. the zipper was horrible i mean really horrible.:cursing: Comparable to cheapo bags with nasty zippers. I can't even open or close the wallet smoothly, tugging and yanking instead.

    Are all denaros like this? Is this just one messed up denaro? Its such a cute wallet, but for 80 bucks, gimme a break...

    what should i do? the lamore denaro's aren't even on Nordstrom anymore as i think they're probably sold out...
  2. I have four denaros and all of mine, including the bags, run smoothly... but there are girls out there who have had zipper complaints about their tokidoki bags so you're not alone.
  3. Your it an Amore Denaro? Mine was a bit rough when I first got it. After a while it ran smoother.
  4. yeah... quality control sucked for amores apparently (and some other styles) but amore specifically... I have an amore denaro and the zipper is just fine so it just depends

    the best thing to do IMO if it still doesn't run smoothly is seeing if you can find another one... altho I think that's getting harder now... and since these were store exclusives lesportsac can't help you out w/ a replacement I don't think :sad: try checking Nordstroms to see if they can locate another one maybe?
  5. The zippers seem kind of crap on all the Amore bags. I have a Campeggio and I'm kind of nervous to use it a lot because the zipper seems kind of iffy.
  6. i have an amore stellina that didn't seem to run as smooth as my other bags too. i'm surprised to hear it may be like that for all amores. i'd read somewhere that WD40 worked for someone? figured i'd try to use that, maybe that'll help you too.
  7. Definitely use WD40! I had a Lamore Stellina, and the zipper was a bit rough. So, I used WD40 and it works SO much better now. :yahoo:Just spray some on a q-tip and rub on zipper, careful not to get any on your precious tokidoki.
  8. i had a zipper freak-out the other day.. the zipper on one of the main compartments of my bambinone was STUCK and eating the inside of the bag :sad: i contemplated cutting the fabric, yanking it out, & almost cried at the thought.. thank goodness i finally calmed myself down enough to "back up" the zipper and pull out the fabric that was stuck on its tracks.

    but i don't believe i've encountered your problem with my playground denaro..
  9. Yes, WD-40 works awesome. The Amore and Pirata bags/wallets had the worst zipper problems of any of the styles to date. I had to use WD-40 on both of those styles and now all the zippers glide smoothly.
  10. Someone suggested a candle or some kind of wax as an alternative too incase you don't want to get your bag all greasy.
  11. The wax never worked that well for me, at least with Pirata and Amore where my zippers were almost completely stuck. With the WD-40, I just applied a small amount on my finger tips and gently smoothed my fingers over the zipper, so as not to get the bag greasy or the zipper too greasy. Worked perfect.
  12. The Bambinone and the Gioco both have "floating linings". I can't count the number of times this has happened to me with both bags!

  13. so happy someone else saw this with the bambinone or experienced it I should say. I wondered because I always feel like I'm chasing things in this bag~!
  14. My pirata dolce's zipper definitely doesn't flow as smoothly as my paradiso's... I don't know if I have any WD40, though D: Is there anything else, aside from a candle, that I can use? (For some reason I don't think we have any candlesticks either o_o)
  15. I have the same problem with my lamore stellina. thanks for the tip