Help? Problem with Bluefly

  1. I'm a newbie to this website and unfortunately this is my first post; hopefully I've posted this in the right place. :confused1:

    I returned a red Chloe silverado handbag to Bluefly and they are claiming that I didn't return it, while I have proof that the package was received, via Fedex, and the fact that the other item I returned with it in the same package was credited. Even worse I saw the bag pop up on the website over the weekend!

    Bluefly has been terrible about getting back to me for the past 2 weeks, despite my frequent calls. Not to mention they just called and left a message saying that I'm not going to be credited b/c they can't find the package (which means that I'm out a grand):crybaby: . Aside from disputing the charge with my credit card, do any of you have any suggestions? Has this happened to anyone else?

    I searched the post and did see issues with delays in returns...Any advice would be appreciated
  2. this could acclimate to a legal level!
    they are technically STEALING from you!!!!!
    i really think you may need to take this to the next level, not to be too dramatic.
    if the bag popped up, then they are lying to you!
    oh my!
  3. I knew they were occasionally selling fake Chloe bags and denying it, but this is really bad.
  4. Did you ship BOTH items together? If not don't panic yet. How long has it been since you returned the purse?

    BF is notorious for taking a long time to credit you. My coat took almost 6 weeks before I receive my money. All the while when I called they had no record and I used USPS (no tracking whats so ever).

    Does this help?
  5. Unacceptable. Call them again, give them the tracking info, and tell them that you will not only dispute the charge, but you will report them to the Better Business Bureau ( That will get you immediate action. Good luck:!
  6. Thanks for all the quick replies. Yes, I sent the bag in the same box as another item. The fedex package was received by them on Jan 17 and the other item that I returned was credited on Jan 24.

    Given that I saw that the other item was credited, I started calling immediately. After silence, they left a message yesterday that said that they couldn't find the package and that they would not be crediting me for the $1K that I paid.

    Have any of you ever asked to speak with manager at the Bluefly call center? They claim that they can only communicate with the warehouse via email which is why they can't answer any questions....
  7. ok, e-mail the customer service manager ( and explain the whole thing and giver her the tracking number showing that the item was infact received at their warehouse.
    She is helpful...but you might to be a little pushy/threatening!
  8. Your right about it being on the site, and there being only 1.

    When I put it in my shopping cart, and go back and try and look at it, I'm told that it is not available anymore.

    I am NEVER going to shop from them. I keep hearing all these horror stories and can never feel like I'll be able to trust them.

    Good luck getting your money back, please let us know how it goes!
  9. Call your credit card company also explain what happened, and tell them you have the FedEx papers proving they received the package. I hope things work out for you, please keep us posted.
  10. I agree that you should call your credit card company--and do it right away. I had a problem with an online purchase--although not with Bluefly, about a year ago, and Visa was awesome. You have proof that you returned the item--your cc company should be able to take over and deal with Bluefly on your behalf--that is what happened in my case. I was credited right away, including shipping.
  11. This should be an easy case because you shipped TWO items at the same time in the same box. Ask your shipper for the weight of the box to confirm that it weighed enough for TWO items.

    Second, make sure that you have the name of the person(s) who signed for the package at BlueFly. Mine was signed for by the front desk receptionist and it took them 15 business days aka 3 weeks to credit my account. But if you have their name and can print off a screen shot of their signature, that should give you plenty of leadway to ask for an investigation.

    So with the weight of the box, the signature of the receiver and the fact that they credited the other item to your account, you have a good case her. Additionally, I would suggest that at each step you get the name of the person you talked to and ask for their personal email address. Once you have had the conversation, you should email them the same thing you said to ensure you have a record now. I would also call on my cell phone to make sure you have something to document your calls to them and the time duration.

    I went through a very similar thing with Macys -- finally they credited my account but never admitted to any wrong doing. Rat bastards!
  12. You should also be sending all your communications by email so that you have a written record should this escalate to legal action. If you must use the phone, follow up with an email.
  13. Thank you all SO much for the advice. I'm kicking myself for the fact that I didn't send emails every time that I spoke with them, but will definitely do so now. I've let my credit card know, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed....

    Will keep you all posted....I'm now very wary of the using the included return labels that Bluefly and other online stores provide.
  14. Bluefly is SO HALF-ASSED when it comes to returns. They took almost 2 months to credit me back and didn't even acknowledge my return was recieved until 1 month and a half later. I haven't shopped there since November 2nd. I would just go through the CC. And call and talk to CS at bluefly as many times as you can telling them that you're sharing your story with as many others as you can unless they act properly with their "hassle free" returns.
  15. Bluefly has the worst CS ever, i return my SFAM jeans in November with tracking didn't get my refund till end of November, i just had enough with them, Good Luck hope everything works out, keep us posted