Help Problem with Bloomingdale's

  1. Sorry, this is a bit long.

    About 2 months ago, I purchased a few Mac makeup brushes from Bloomingdale's and a few others from the free standing MAC store. I decided to return one brush to Bloomies and asked my sister to help me as she was going to the mall. When she tried to return (I didn't give her the reciept) they said the item was not found. And though they could have given her store credit for some reason the guy refused and insisted she had to have the credit mailed to her. Whens he came back and told me, I couldn't figure out why. I HAD INDEED purchased this item at Bloomies. Later I realized I MUST have put the brush in the wrong sleeve. Since the sleeves for the brushes all look the same, that explains 1. why they couldnt find the item on the system and 2. why my mailed credit is supposed to be fore $20 + tax instead of the $22 + tax I paid for it. This was on Dec 28th. The credit was supposed to be here in 2 weeks. I went in personally 2.5 weeks later and was told it was out of their hands and to call the "inquiry number." I called several times before getting through and then was told I was being handled by a special department (I guess they thought I stole it) and that I had to call a long distance number which was an answering machine, and they would call me back within 3 days and ask me a series of questions. I had to have them connect me because I do not have a long distance phone company and it is ridiculous to have to pay to use my cell. They connected me and I left a message. They never called back. It poses a problem even if they were to call me back as I have things to do and it is impossible for me to have my phone with me at all times. It's now been well over a month!! :cursing: I don't even knwo what to do now.

    I'm ticked off they never called me to even tell me I had to call them. They just let me wait and never recieve the credit! Is there no one i can call directly to have this taken care of?? Please help! It is ridiculous they make me go through all this for $20!!! I have the reciept but the Bloomies store said they can do nothing since the request for mail credit has been sent in already.
  2. sorry to hear that. Just remember to bring the receipt next time, it's the most important thing!
  3. Just a note, I don't think this is the right Subforum to post complaints about stores, because this is about Deals & Steals
  4. Sorry, I didn't know where else to post and I saw that someone with a similar complaint had posted here. Sorry!!
  5. I'll tell you what, I will NEVER shop at Bloomie's again. At least not on their .com site. I purchased a bag mid-December online. Didn't like it, so I took it back to the store in Fashion Island. It's not like most stores (Nordstrom, Macy*s, Neiman's, etc.) that will give you a credit immediately back to your card...noooo, they have to send the bag back to corporate back east (??) and then have it credited. I can take up to two billing cycles to do this! :wtf:

    I called yesterday, three weeks+ since I brought in the return. Guess what? They hadn't even checked in the bag into their inventory yet! :cursing: I found this little tidbit out after I was put on hold 3 times when they couldn't even find my order. In the end, they told me it would take another 7-10 business days to get my credit back on my card!! :hysteric: If it wasn't on by then, they told me to call back and they would do it immediately....I think I will call them back tomorrow and tell them to do it immediately....TODAY! :graucho:

    Never, ever again......

  6. melikemochi - the store credit being mailed to you when the item isn't found is a standard procedure with the Federated Dpt. Stores UNLESS you get a manager to override it. Also, this matter is definitely out of the Bloomie store's hands now.

    Anyways when your sis returned the brush, they should have given her a return receipt that looks EXACTLY like the regular return receipts that stated somewhere on the bottom that you would be receiving the credit in the mail in x amount of time (I wasnt sure if this was the receipt you were talking about at the end of your post). It should have your name and address on the bottom as well. Along with your name and address, there is a number for you to call if you have any inquiries, and that is the number to call.

    If you dont have the receipt, I suggest calling their credit customer service number and having them direct you to the department that handles mail credit returns. This time DEMAND that you speak to someone regarding the status of your mail credit return. Ask them where your credit is and when you will receive it and also have them confirm your address. I'm pretty positive they have a way to track the credit being mailed out so if they keep insisting that it's "missing", have them track the certificate to verify that no one has used it.

    That is all the advice I have at the moment. If I think of anything else, I'll post
  7. I'm with you on this one. I returned a bag I had bought online - they received it 2 weeks ago, I have all the tracking paperwork to prove it. Do you think they've credited my card YET? No...Such poor customer service from such a big merchant.
  8. I'm in the same boat. I returned a bag I bought online to the store nearly 7 weeks ago, it has already been 2 billing cycles on my Bloomies card and still no credit. I'll never order from the Bloomies website again. :mad: And I actually had to return the bag because the picture on the website was NOT the item they sent me - the hardware on the bag was completely different.

    Sorry, I don't have any words of wisdom for you. Bloomingdale's customer service is TERRIBLE:cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
  9. I've had the same terrible experience with returning an item *which was not as it appeared on the website* to the Bloomingdales's store. It's like they want to punish you for returning something! Not only will I not shop on the website again, I will be very reluctant to shop at the department store now, too.
  10. I had a similar experience with Bloomingdales returns. I have found that if you scream loud enough and demand to talk to a supervisor/manager they will fix your problem. You have to to be really firm and not back down until your issue is resolved!
  11. Solve the problem ladies-refuse to spend your money there! Poor customer service does not deserve your hard earned money-nor the time spent trying to rectify the situation!
  12. Ok. FINALLY resolved!! They are finally sending me the credit!

    Amount of time lapsed since returned it in stores: 1 month and 12 days
    Total number of times I called them: 15+
    Amount of time that took (calling, talking to them, being placed on hold): 1 hr 15 minutes
    $$ amount this whole thing was for: $20

    I'm irked that the Mac specialist who processed the return didn't notice that the cost the brush rang up as during the return didn't match the correct price of it. (I don't even work there and I know the cost of half their brushes.) I'm also irked that he was attitudey with my sister and implied she stole it. He should have suggested that maybe it was just put in the wrong sleeve as all the sleeves look the same. Further irked he didnt get a manager to over-ride it. So much hassle for $20. And I lost a few bucks because I had paid more than $20 for the brush. And I bet they hoped I would forget about it as no one even called me to tell me it was on security hold.
  13. Bloomies puts a sticker on the item when you buy it -- likely on the sleeve if it's a brush, so it's really not their fault if you put it back in the wrong sleeve. The sticker ties the item to the sale/price etc.
  14. i'm going to agree, although they probably should have done a few things differently, this isn't their mistake, it's YOURS. it's the customer's responsibility to make sure they return items in the proper packaging and with all of their parts. the store i work at would have refused your return entirely (you didn't even have the reciept). i'm surprised they gave you any sort of refund of any type, of any amount, at all. they couldn't even varify that you purchased the product with them. so i'd take your $20 and be happy you got it at all.

    i've had bad expriences with bloomie's online returns, so i try to keep my shopping to their regular stores only, but i've never had a problem in person. i always take my online purchases back to the stores, and have never been given any crap, although i've heard enough horror stories to believe that i've been very lucky.

    i think it's important for everyone to remember, though, that there are certain obligations that you need to fulfill as a reasonable customer before they can do anything for you as a store. in-store associates, even managers, also have limited power over how returns are made and what kind of refund they can give you.
  15. I'm glad your problem was resolved but I really don't think that you should be blaming the MAC SA for the troubles you went through. Yes, he's a MAC specialist and he should know his stuff but unless you give him a reason to, he's not going to inspect the brush up and down to make sure it's the correct price. Usually with dpt.stores, they'll just scan and process the return without inspecting the item so you really shouldnt expect him to notice the difference. Also SAs can't read customer's minds, if you're bringing back an item to return, they're going to assume everything is in its original packaging.

    After reading through your inital post, it sounds like you put a brush purchased at Bloomie's into a brush sleeve that was for a brush purchased at the MAC store right? In that case, I'm surprised the SA even offerred the mail gift-certificate because your brush DID NOT have the Customer Return Label which is basically a proof of purchase if you don't have your receipt. I've seen SA refuse a return because the item didn't have the CRL.

    Also SAs usually dont get managers to override something unless the customer makes a huge commotion over it and the SA can't deal with the customer anymore. Even if the SA got the manager, the manager could've refused the override and you'll be stuck where you were before.

    AND your sister had the option of taking back the brush.

    Your trouble was more with the gift certificate customer service people than the MAC SA, :yes: