Help!! Problem w/ my new this normal?

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  1. Help! I just got my 1st bbag less than a month ago. Its a VG city and I love her to death...however! I just noticed today that on the handles where the string wraps around the handle...on the edges of the handle where there is the rubber/paint on the leather edge it is starting to crack.

    Does this make sense? In some places if I look carefully, i can even see the natural leather color. Its not very noticeable, I just noticed it because I inspect her every day but i am worried this is not normal...Any help or advice?
  2. Lizz66 can you post a photo?
  3. i can but i am clueless on how to insert a photo..when i try it says i need a link
  4. This is "normal" with Bbags. However, it doesn't mean in my opinion that it should happen. The edge glue is known to crack and even wear off from use. It's a personal preference whether it bothers you or doesn't, but it can be repaired.
  5. My 05 black city's edges have cracked to the point that they are now entirely white. It's very noticeable to me, but never to those around me. My FI still doesn't know what the heck I'm complaining about. I've gotten used to is and am starting to like how worn in it looks!
  6. I have that problem w/my black city and I was quoted $30 from BalNY to get it fixed. I am going to send it in after I get my Blue India Part Time back from them for a similar repair.
  7. My Vert D'eau has some cracking. It doesn't bother me & I barely notice it so I'm just going to leave it alone. I've seen cracking on some bbags that's pretty bad, though...