Help! Problem W/ My Le Magenta!?!?

  1. Hi. I really need everyones opinion. I received my LE Magenta with GSH. Everything looked great ... until ... I am not sure how to explain it - but I noticed a problem with the top seam on the bag. The triangular leather piece that is stiched on top of the bag in the corner ... the leather is uneven and hangs over the top. I called Kim right away, and she said that would have to send it back to her to look at. She might be able to get me a different bag, but can not guarantee how that bag would be. Or maybe it could be repaired. Now, my question to you is ... Keep it as is or send it back??

    Also I use my bags everyday and change them rarely ...

  2. hmmm.... I say if you're not 120% happy with it and its gona bug you... send it back! good luck!
  3. sorry do you think you could circle the areas? i'm not sure if i know which part you're talking about..
  4. That would bug me, too! I feel bad for you girls that waited so long for these bags and then they are not perfect! I hope your SA can make this right for you.
  5. SEND IT BACK!! That is poor quality control. They must give you a new one!
  6. I can see the flaw but is it obvious when carried? I think won't be happy with it though... it's poor craftmanship and looks wrong on such an expensive bag.
  7. I think I finally figured out what you mean. I had to look at all the photos. Do you mean that you kind of see the little black edge of the top of the piece from the interior view? That's the only thing I could pick up in the pictures that it might be.

    How does it look from the outside? And how do you like the bag otherwise (leather quality, etc.)? It sounds like you're happy with it otherwise. If you can't really tell from the outside, I would personally lean toward keeping this one, since it looks like it's fairly minor from the pictures. But, if it will really bother you, then by all means send it back.
  8. I see what you mean clearer on the 3rd and 4th pic... I would absolutely send it back! Looks like it will get worse with wear and for the time and money invested on these LE Magenta's it should be perfect!
  9. oh!! sorry, upon looking closer at picture 3+4, i can see the problem. i would send it back. it's really frustrating not being able to pick it out in person. i would tell kim to pick one one that has no visible flaws, etc though. she's nice, i'm sure she'll try her best!

    i'd take the risk and get her to send a new one. or if you could ask her to put a charge hold on your card and get her to send another one and pick the better of the two? i wonder if that's possible!
  10. Yes, that is it. You do not notice it from the front, but I am afraid that from using it that it may become worse. There is also a stitch that I don't like on the other side of the bag. I sent an e-mail to my SA with the pictures. I know that she is not working this weekend, but I want to go to the store and look at another Magenta bag - if it can be arranged. I hate doing the mail thing - it takes too long. Hopefully this can be done!

  11. I would say return it, I just think this shouldn't happening for the expensive. If you are not happy, you need to let them know about it. I hope that they can get a better bag with less flaw for you.
  12. moving to care sub ...