Help! problem w/ my Keepall 55 hardware

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  1. Hi, I was wondering for those of you who have a keepall 55. I was comparing my bag to the one on the LV website, when I noticed that my zipper did not work. I have two zippers on my keepall but only 1 works. I posted a picture of it so you could see what I mean.

    Do both of the zippers on yours guys keepall work?
    Cuz I've seen pics were the zippers meet in the middle.
    The zipper on the left seems to be "jammed"
    OR maybe thats just the way it is??

  2. Both of the zippers should work
  3. Do you think I could get it fixed?
  4. I think you can get it fixed. How old is the bag? I know you can get zippers replaced on handbags. If it's under a year LV should fix it for no charge.
  5. yup both has to work. get it checked out soon!
  6. I just over a year old, only has been used 3 times... But it was also defective when I bought it
  7. Take it in to LV and have them take a look at it - they may be able to unstick it for you or send it away to have the zipper replaced