Help!Price of Classic Flap with new Chain

  1. Hi, there,

    I was wondering what's the current price for caviar class Flap (medium/large) with new chain? One of sales said that it's around &2295.But I did remeber that the classic flap with old chain is $1995. Does it mean new chain is much more expensive than old chain? I don't know if the price has increased or not...........

    Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Do a search and there are many threads obout the prices. The medium caviar is $1995 old or new chain. The jumbo is $2250 for both chains. The prices go up 20% Nov 1 in the US.
  3. where can i find flap bag with the new chain??
  4. Try calling Chanel Customer Service in the US: +1-800-550-0005. They should be able to track down the bag for you. Yes, the Timeless Classic Jumbo is priced at $2,250 USD right now. On Nov. 1st, the price for the jumbo bag will increase by $400 USD.