Help!!! Price of a .78ct, I color , SI1??????

  1. Hi guys!!! Need your input....

    There is this solitare round diamond pendant and wanted to see what would be a fair price for isnt anything great...but for an everyday necklace that is pretty to look I didnt want to pay tooo much for them.....

    Can you help me?????:shame:
  2. has the a diamond of those specifications for around $2,300 (which is minus the setting) and i've found their prices to be very fair :yes:
  3. Thank you!!!!
  4. I'd recommend going to and put in your specs and see what prices come out.
  5. we buy from a broker and that is more than we'd pay.
  6. Really?/!!! How much should I expect to pay...??
  7. Where do you live?
    There's a diamond district in every big city, they sell to the public, there's just not the same mall storefront is all.
    I don't know for sure, but I do know you could get closer to a full carat for that price and a better color.
  8. Keep in mind that you will pay more for a well cut stone (which has the greatest impact on sparkle), so if a stone you come across is lower priced than a stone of the same specs on bluenile, ask them about the cut! Hope that is helpful. :smile:
  9. Do you know of any in Phoenix, Swanky?
  10. Sooo true...I have looked at other simular quality and this one had that nice shine and it looked much better than most.....they are asking around $3k...

    I dont want to buy a diamond w/o seeing it first so the internet option is not for must somehow speak to me in order for me to purchase it....:sweatdrop: